Any top 100 Syndicate looking for 5 strong players?


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Thread: Any top 100 Syndicate looking for 5 strong players?

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    Any top 100 Syndicate looking for 5 strong players?

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for a syndicate that can guarantee me and my group of real life friends (who are all active players, two of which spend low amounts of gold) a spot in the top 100. We are currently in a syndicate that finishes 140-160 every time, so if your offer is no more than that, then we would prefer to stay in our comfort zone. We are just not happy with the lackluster efforts our group has been putting forward and their complacency with mediocrity.

    Here are our stats:

    Me: Level 62, 82k/83k, $1.35m IPH - Averages around 35k per event
    Friend 1: Level 162, 83k/80k, $1.26m IPH - Averages around 30k per event
    Friend 2: Level 173, 89k/94k, $1.14m IPH - Averages around 45k per event (gold)
    Friend 3: Level 145, 77k/75k, $869k IPH - Averages around 50k per event (gold)
    Friend 4: Level 107, 55k/60k, $158k IPH - Averages around 10k per event

    I understand Friend 4 may be a little bit weak, but he just recently moved back to the area and now me and my other friends can groom him into a good, active player.

    Obviously any offer above the top 100 would be better but if you are a group in need of 5 active members, who can contribute at all times we could be the perfect bunch for you. Please respond to this post or send me a PM.


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    Pm sent ....Check pm

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