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Thread: >>>WORLD DOMINATION!!<<< Join us !

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    Cool >>>WORLD DOMINATION!!<<< Join us !

    Join us for extra strength and have fun winning top rewards!
    Currently Ranked Top 400, got there with only 20 members!
    We are now 28 members and more joining every day to fight for top 250!
    LCN aka "La Costra Nostra Cali Syndicate" would like to invite you to join.
    Invite code: 516872372

    Rewards include increases in
    % $cash$ won
    % ®respect® gained
    and % overall strength

    Maxed out in almost every category!
    Need to be a DAILY and COMMUNICATING player & Have 500 allies or close to it
    and be able to work as a team!
    All members must donate bricks daily in order for the syndicate to succeed.

    ***Join LCN today!!***
    Help us in our fight for world domination!!
    Looking forward to your request
    LCN INVITE CODE : 516872372
    LCN Leader : S1kCh1c 619276055
    Or PM me (Destroyer#1)

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    My syndicate suxs, will check u out Destroyer.

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    Send us your code and lets see what you are made of.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JRSlayer View Post
    My syndicate suxs, will check u out Destroyer.
    Welcome JRSlayer, wise decision to join us. You wont regret your syndicate change.

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    Do not hesitate to send us your code or PM me, you wont regret it!
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    If you think you have what it takes to fight for top 250...

    PROVE IT!!

    Join LCN Today! Invite Code: 516872372

    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Just a few days left to join our syndicate...dont wait anymore send us your request!

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    Only a few spots left, Join while you still can. PM me or add me to your mafia 805191553

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    Join us now and you could be able to earn these EPIC items

    Join LCN Today! Invite Code: 516872372 or PM me

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    Looking for merger

    Dominate The World, DTW, is looking for a merger into our team. We currently could take in 20-25 people. Have most upgrade bonuses and plenty of hideouts. Leadership from a former Top 25 team teammember.

    We can also place your top 2 strongest players in our sister syn, Original Syn, which is going for top 100.

    PM me if interested


    Original Syn 691 529 928
    DTW, 429 167 565
    Original Syn, top 50/75

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