HRK Rank #139 Spot for 2


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Thread: HRK Rank #139 Spot for 2

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    HRK Rank #139 Spot for 2

    Great communication and great bonuses, HRK got #141 in Midtown and #139 in Plaza. We just got a bunch of gold spenders and we will be going for top 100 next time around. PM me if you are interested

    or join us at 840-589-777

    We prefer players with stats over 50k/50k.

    You must be an active daily player and we don't require and initial donation. We do however require you to get the MessageMe app as to join in on syndicate discussions on and off war.

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    579910917 - Reign of Terror

    We placed top 130 in the last two events and looking for new members or syndicates who want to fuse.

    We've got over 75 bonuses open and we're into the final bonuses costing $billions each.

    We're all legit players.

    Add us if you're interested we're a good group of people and we work hard so ENJOY IT!

    Reply here or PM me for more details, or just add us

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