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Thread: "The dark knights" top 25 guild recruiting

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    I am interested in a good guild

    Quote Originally Posted by marko101 View Post
    Ok another war over!! Top 25 prize sucked so we hit are goal off top 50 with small gem use :-)

    Now looking to fill a couple off gaps. 43/44 but might be more room soon.
    Looking for
    under level 110ish
    200k ish stats min
    If gem spender stats will be considerated
    Got min 50k daily donation rule and must be active in war!

    I scored over 40k (no gems)from starting Sunday because off the glitch were I couldn't attack!

    my stats are currently Att 282 /Def 259 with level 126 and kph of 15k, regular donation (about 100-150 k per day)

    Looking for an active guild, participating regularly in wars

    check me out if interested 494 117 763 and let me know

    I am atm in a top 50 guild but this one seems to dissolve itself atm, lots of players left due to different reasons...
    So I am looking for a new *home* as well

    cheers, Athena

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    I'm lvl 47 with 428k and 398 defence may I join?

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