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Thread: Faction Recruitment (advertise here)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Randylc69 View Post
    I have been playing this for just over 3 months now.
    Did first battle by myself and placed 40002440th something
    Added 1 to my faction and now for last 2 battles weve placed around 2400
    Definitely need more members to reach the next levels.

    I fought in 50 wars in the last battle so id say im a fairly active group
    I donate anywhere from 2 to 20 mil a day in faction and have 11bonuses so far

    Faction # is 586 044 869

    Send a request if interested
    any size welcome as long as active
    Your just what we are looking for please bring yourselves to our established faction. UK muscle
    2040 in china we want to progress. We have 20 bonus's and have fun request on 254487037
    I know it's hard to give up what you've built up but you will benefit from what we've put in

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    Our three time top 500 faction is looking for a few serious daily/hourly players to take us to the next level.

    Invite code: 229720510

    Health regen: + 18%
    Infantry defense: + 25%
    Ground defense : + 20%
    Air defense: + 15%
    Sea defense: + 10%
    Building Defense: + 25%
    Building output: + 10%
    Guild member increase: + 18

    20,000+ attack
    20,000+ defense

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    Come join our faction!

    Experienced, active and organised group of factions seeking new active daily players willing to donate and fight for the cause. We ranked 658 in China.

    We balance having fun with being successful, and are very sociable. We have three options available to you, please apply to whichever factions suits you best:

    1- Main war faction. Minimum 20k attack and defense, 500 allies, 500k daily donation and mandatory usage of forum and other means of communication. Gold players preferred. Aiming for top 500 in Ireland. Apply to 197558432.
    2- Training faction. Minimum level 15, and mandatory usage of forum as per above. Objective is to grow players to met requirements for main faction. Aiming for top 4000 in Ireland. Apply 855346200.
    3- New players faction. Maximum level 15. Extra support provided to help new players grow. Will not be warring in Ireland. Apply 515268345.

    Main faction stats:
    Health regen 18%
    Infantry attack 5%
    Infantry defense 20%
    Ground defense 15%
    Air defense 10%
    Sea defense 5%
    Building defence 25%
    Building output 5%
    Guild +14

    After applying please give us a chance to get to the door to accept you in, remember there are no pop up notifications to our officers in Modern War.

    At Middle Earth we can help you get the best bonuses possible and you can join a great team. Join today!

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    Looking for a few 30k+ people

    🌐🌎⭐Samurai's Sword Faction⭐🌎🌐
    ⏬ 🆔🏆 Apply at code: 296172545 🏆🆔 ⏬
    🔴Strong, Active group. Most players are 20k-60k🔴
    ✅We have many bonuses as shown below.✅
    🔺Infantry Def +15%,
    🔺Ground Def +10%,
    🔺Building Def +15%,
    🔺Guild +10,
    🔺Health Regen -9%,
    🔺Money output +5%
    ♐ Finished 1242 in China( first war our faction was in and with only 15 people at the time) Looking to get near top 500 for Ireland♐
    💹💰 Average faction income per day is 20m+ 💰💹

    Otherwise add me: 738250414

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    Cool Looking for a decent Friendly Faction to Join?!?!?

    Looking for a decent Friendly Faction to Join?!?!?
    Hi! You are probably already participating in a faction at the moment. So why do I ask you?

    Well we are different than most TOP factions.

    If you're looking for a great Faction team and are willing to be an active part of the team, then you don't have to look any further. We ended #213 with just a few active players in BfB. In Battle for Greenland we ended #169. In Raid on Egypt we managed #166. In Battle for China we ended #144 (as you can see we improve each batttle)
    BfB 430k WD points
    BfG 830k WD points
    RoE 1.240k WD points
    BfC 1.610k WD points
    We are on our way for a top 100 position so we get that extra unit for all our members. We take it step by step.
    We will not promise you that we end TOP 25 or higher. There are already a lot of gold players and we are (mostly) just light gold users.

    We want teamplayers that like to play in a team where fun is part of the result we're aiming for.
    We are looking for active members (during war). We also have a 'real' life and we respect that.
    We help each other so we can all benefit from you special knowledge and skills.
    Because we are a team we know that not everybody has extreme high stats or an IPH of over 1.000k but thats just fine.
    It's good to be subsidiary and we appreciate that!

    We share our knowledge so we all get better and the team gains from that.
    We have our own forum website, we use a professional chat programms during the war.
    We know most of the secrets the game has and we share them all with our members.

    Everybody who has ever been in a real team knows what i am talking about.
    Our motto is the real meaning of the abbreviation of TEAM.
    Together Each Acchieves More

    Whatever you do; "Have Fun and Good Luck playing the Game".
    Hope to see you in Battle regardless which side.

    Join Zass

    Our Bonusses at the moment are:
    Health Regen : +22% (5/6)Infantry Attack : +5% (1/6)
    Infantry Attack : +5%
    Infantry Defense : +30% (6/6)
    Ground Defense : +20% 4/6)
    Air Defense : +15% (3/6)
    Sea Defense : +15% (3/6)
    Building Defense : +25% (5/6)
    Building Output : +10%
    Guild Member incr. : +22

    Attack and Defence both about 45k or higher
    Donations of 5 times your IPH daily
    Active in forum and during war
    Temporary inactivity are no problem as long as you communicate about it. (We all have a 'real life')

    For More Information contact:
    lvl 140 stats 145k+
    ID# 538194623
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    We're pushing for top 500 and maybe 250 with the right mix of active players. We have space for up to 7 more members. Applicants must be daily players and we have a daily minimum donation requirement of $750k + 2 bricks. A 3rd party chat program is also required for wartime(details to be disclosed to those interested in joining)

    Our bonuses are:

    5% air defense
    10% building output
    20% building defense
    10% ground defense
    20% health regen
    15% infantry defense

    Also open to the idea of a smaller faction merging into us. Message me with your offense/defense/IPH if you're interested.

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    Top 25 in Madagascar

    -=[F.3.A.R_US]=- top 25 in Madagascar is recruiting now! if you want to be a part of a fun and laid back group and can score 100k WD points per war than we want you!
    Acquisitions and mergers can be considered but you would have to join us! PM me directly if serious
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    Time to wake up soldier!!
    Solid Faction looking for new recruits... 260 738 329.
    Only active soldiers wanted.
    "A good soldier doesn't fight because he hates what's in front of him. He fights because he loves what's behind him!"

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    Talking Top500 faction recruiting!

    1 vacancy at The Real McCoys (ranked 364 in China)

    We are looking for 1 strong addition to help us break into Top250 in Ireland. We have good line up around the clock but seek to strengthen Pan-Pacific (US west coast or Oz/Asia) time zone.
    Of course, anyone with strong stats is welcome!

    Our group is a fun group, everyone welcomes new members with open arms!
    We support each other to get better and stronger, individually and as a team!
    We have strong teamwork and are improving stats and strategy every war.

    - Daily active player in Asia / Oz / US-West Coast
    - Level 80 minimum or above

    PM me if you are interested!
    stats (AT/DF/IPH), time zone,
    & WD points and ranking in China (unless you are new to faction activity)

    Faction Bonuses:
    - Health Regen: 18%
    - Infantry Defense: 10%
    - Ground Defense: 25
    - Air Defense: 10%
    - Sea Defense: 5%
    - Building Defense: 25%
    - Building Output: 5%
    - Guild: +18
    We are looking to do more upgrades, so our bonuses will be even better.

    PM me if you are interested!
    stats (AT/DF/IPH), time zone,
    & WD points and ranking in China (unless you are new to faction activity)


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     ⭐Samurai's Sword Faction ⭐
    ⏬  Apply at code: 296172545  ⏬
    Strong, All Active group. Most players are 20k-60k
    ✅We have many bonuses as shown below.✅
    Infantry Defense +15%,
    ⚡Ground Defense+10%,
    Building Defense +15%,
    Guild Member Increase+10,
    Health Regen -9%,
    Money/Building output +5%
    ♐ Finished 1242 in China( first war our faction was in and with only 15 people at the time) Looking to get near top 500 for Ireland♐
     Average faction income per day is 25m+ 

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    Team Skip are looking for some new members. We want people who will contribute opinions as well as money and concrete. Your numbers are not as important as your willingness to work for team. Send us request, good group of members.

    Team Skip. 921684546

    Health regen: 14%
    Infantry def: +15%
    Ground def: +10%
    Air def: +5%
    Building def: +20%
    Guild member increase: +8

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    16 spots open! Don't care about stats as long as you can get some decent wd points... Pm me
    If I had a dollar for how many brains you didn't have, I'd have 1 dollar.

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    Angry Join a family oriented faction focused on destruction -- muhahaha!!!

    We are looking for active players to join our faction (Bolthammer). We enjoy having fun and want to have more members join us. We recently opened up 6 slots. We usually fall in the TOP 1000-1500 in the wars.

    Faction ID: 400-988-752 join us

    -Must be level 50+
    -Must have the right amount (or more) allies
    -Must have the right amount of units
    -Must have good attack/defense stats
    -Must donate
    -Must participate
    -Must have fun!!!! :-)

    Faction Bonuses
    -32 total slots
    -Health Regen: -14%
    -Infantry Defense: +15%
    -Ground Defense: +10%
    -Air Defense: +5%
    -Building Defense: +15%
    -Guild Member Increase: +12

    Feel free to PM me too!!!
    Modern War
    Ally ID: 361-491-900
    Ally ID: 281-771-781

    Crime City
    Ally ID: 355-461-134
    Ally ID: 517-199-535

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    US Air Force

    US Air Force is a daily donation faction looking to replace several players recently released from duty due to inaction. REMFs need not apply, we are looking for warriors. We have the following bonuses and are adding regularly:

    Health Regen Time 14%
    Infantry Defense 20%
    Ground Defense 15%
    Air Defense 10%
    Sea Defense 5%
    Building Defense 20%
    Guild Member Increase 12

    If you would like to be considered, please add me as an ally and post the request on my wall.


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    💣🐺🐺 Samurai's Sword Faction🐺🐺🔫
    👥 🆔296172545 - Faction Code👥
    🏆China🏁Rank 1242🏁(💥First War as a faction&#128165
    🔴Strong, All Active group. Most players are 20k-60k🔴
    🔋Health Regen: -9%
    🔰Infantry Defense: +15%
    ⚡Ground Defense: +10%
    🏢Building Defense: +15%
    💰Building Output: +5%
    👥Guild Member Increase +10
    💹💰 Average faction income per day is 25m+ 💰💹
    Going to Ireland with the goal of Top 500.

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