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Thread: Faction Recruitment (advertise here)

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    new faction looking for good players

    i just made a new faction.... faction id- 260043126... join if u a regular player... i m lvl 52 around 23k stats... already purchased 3 bonuses all by myself... looking for officers who r regular and can donate for faction growth... more the merier

    This may not be a reputed faction who scored under 1000 or 250 whatever but i m a good player and a good frnd which u can trust... Reputed factions not gonna treat u like a frnd for them u r just an asset... Whenever ur value get low they gonna kick u out...
    So come and join a new frndly faction where we all r frnds and true frnds can challenge anything

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    The Slovenian Forces

    812nd in Brazil
    266th in Greenland
    143rd in Egypt
    32nd in China
    32nd in Ireland

    and we are building up an even stronger faction to compete for top 25 in The next WD event.

    Do YOU want to be part of this ever-improving Faction?

    Our requirements are:
    - hourly players from level 60-120 with strong stats. If you are a higher level we will decide based on your stats and your WD point scoring 'pledge'.
    - very active in WD events and able to score more than 70k WD points;
    - daily donations (no minimum requirement, but it depends on your IPH);
    - light to medium gold spender, also free players able to score the points;
    - we need European, Asian or Australian (we like Aussies they are awesome!);
    - active on game forum, our faction website and chatting app!

    We have a lot of great bonuses, some of them are maxed out!
    Here they are:

    Casualty Rate: -15%
    Health Regen Time: -30%
    Ground Attack: +20%
    Air Attack: +15%
    Infantry Attack: 25%
    Sea Attack: +10%
    Infantry Defense: +30%
    Ground Defense: +30%
    Air Defense: +30%
    Sea Defense: +30%
    Defense Building Defense: +30%
    Building Output: +25%

    If you think you can meet the requirements and want to join a committed group with members from all around the world, then please contact me to discuss further.

    Thanks for your attention and I hope to hear from you soon!

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    The Bearded Clams faction is looking for active players. We have just missed the top 1500 last 2 events. We have 12 members and place inside the top 1700 every battle. All of our members are active players and we all know eachother so we can plan for battles perfectly. We do need more 3rd shift members to keep us fighting through the night though...

    Our bonuses include
    Health regen 15%
    Infantry defense 15%
    Ground defense 10%
    Air defense 5%
    Building defense 10%
    Guild increase +2 (we can add as many as we need)


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    Smile add us!! our id codes are at bottom!

    💥💥💥💥 ATTENTION GAME PLAYERS !!! ✨✨ALIENS✨✨ 3219 ranked Fraction in the last World War for Ireland has an opening for 4 Daily, ACTIVE and STRONG players of LEVEL 40 or higher with a MINIMUM of 150 allies and an AP and DP of 10k or higher !!! We AIM for the 1500 Rank Reward for Colombia War and so have organised & equipped ourselves with all the necessary Bonus, Attack and Defence requirements. If you meet the above qualifications and want a fraction where U r treated like a family member and enjoy the pleasures of the game and the War w/o any Demands !!! Join us Today by adding this code 986-761-288 !!! 👍👍👍
    After our win in the Last World War, we saw there truly is strength in numbers! Lets join forces, add our codes to strengthen yourself, 548745014 452214601 328998053 950454897 399119570 412792084 449740893 563544228 769066124 329354206 954135144 438954990 499996336 135813481 324686022 489058004 850258971 115501620 840644066 💪💪💪

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    UK Special Forces Elite Now Recruiting!!!

    add me 299 005 990 and join my faction 561 458 649
    we are a good improving faction
    in the last wars we placed:
    china: 1920
    ireland: 1255
    Health Regen Time: +10%
    Infantry Defence: +15%
    Ground Defence: +5%
    Air Defence: +5%
    Building Defence: +10%
    Guild Member Increase: +6
    we are currently 17/26 so have plenty of spaces

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    Hurt Locker (HRT) recruiting now - Invite Code 459741147

    Hurt Locker (HRT)

    Leader: Sir

    Health Regen: +22%
    Infantry Defense: +20%
    Ground Defense: +15%
    Air Defense: +10%
    Sea Defense +10%
    Building Defense: +25%
    Building Output: +10%
    Guild Member increase +14

    Looking for at least 12 new members.
    Have been in the top 1000 twice so far but not recently. Looking to turn around the faction and improve.
    Must be at least Level 40 with enthusiasm, active and frequent participation in WD events, demonstrate evidence of continuous progress in statistics and be patient.
    Non participation in WD events can result in booting.
    No cash or gold requirements.

    Invite Code 459741147

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    Thumbs up World Without Borders


    We are looking for new recruits to our faction.

    Our bonuses:
    Health regen -18%
    Infantry attack +5%
    Infantry defense +25%
    Ground defense +20%
    Air defense +10%
    Sea defense +10%
    Building defense +25%
    Building output +5%
    Guild member increase +18

    We demand all players are active and contribute money to the faction daily.
    Contributions are based on how high your IPH is.

    We are all very helpfull and ready to guide players around in this Modern War world.
    You can ask whatever question you might have in the forum and it will be answered asap.
    Our leader, Alto, is a very dedicated player, who keeps a log with contributionhistory from every player.
    He is also the one, who decides the battle tactics, based on inputs from the other officers/members.

    In the wars we ended 258, 436, 514, 1046 and 647

    Invite code: 408511130

    Strength & Pride!

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    Faction of 2 looking to expand. We have place around 2400th in previos battles and would do so easily again if we stayed thise size but we are looking to move up and how far that is will depend on you and your participation.

    Defense leader is 205/220k

    Faction bonuses so far are
    Health 10%
    Inf. Def. 20%
    Ground def. 15%
    Air def. 5%
    Building def. 15%

    5x iph donations needed
    18 spots available
    Size of your stats not as crucial as your participation during battles
    Faction # 586-044-969

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    Quote Originally Posted by I am a cow View Post
    ok if you want a top 250 faction shoot me a pm must have 50k defense and attack and no less gold spender preferred
    lmao...you prefer gold spenders but support the cartel. kind of interesting lol

    love the cartel sig tho...may have to borrow it

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    Faction: GIANT KILLER– #645 Ireland, Top 500 bound in Columbia! +10% BUILDING OUTPUT

    We’d like to add more strong and active players to our GIANT KILLER faction. In Ireland, we improved our point total by 72% over China with the addition of new players! Please send me (Master P) a message or submit an request directly to the faction if you’re interested. Look forward to having you.

    Ireland: 645 rank. Top 500 in Columbia with your help!
    Members: 38 capacity
    Faction ID: 195-758-342
    Leader ID (Master P): 330-105-756
    --Also the Defense Leader with 210,000 Defense & Level 200.

    --Guild Members +18 (38)
    --Health Regen Time -18% (18% faster)
    --Building Defense +15%
    --Infantry Defense +20%
    --Ground Defense +15%
    --Air Defense +10%
    --Sea Defense +5%
    --Infantry Attack 5%

    GIANT KILLER is a military Air Traffic Control call sign given to the controlling authority responsible for flight operations within restricted military airspace such as no-fly zones. The GIANT KILLER has the power to consent engagement of unauthorized flight within the area.

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    Grow with us! Faction code: 233 846 344

    Faction Name: BroBand
    Invite Code: 233 846 344
    Welcoming new members, including players who don't yet have the requested credentials to join top factions, but are interested in helping advance ours higher up the ranks!

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    Raidmachine Recuitment

    Dear Members (and those who stumble upon us),
    We've 5 spaces after some spring cleaning ready for Columbia.

    Yes we're new, but we're growing.
    China 1770s
    Ireland 2200s (some inactive players)
    Columbia (prediction, top 1500)

    We welcome LLP, free, light gold players as long as you self-upgrade and participate during the war.
    300k/day donation guideline which we're not strict on, but our more active members surpass that.

    Current Benefits:
    Health Regen 10% (Priority)
    Infantry Defense 20%
    Ground Defense 10%
    Air Defense 10%
    Building Defense 10%
    Guild Space +4

    Raidmachine - 675197608

    If you're new and hungry, gold or non-gold active player, or even a veteran, join us in our quest to breach newer heights.

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    Sluit je aan bij de Dutch Devels Society!
    Kom vandaag nog bij ons. We zijn een nieuwe, sterke*en zeer actieve factie en nog op zoek naar een aantal actieve en sterke leden om ons team te versterken! Onze bonussen zijn duidelijk:
    • Health Regen +25%
    • Infantry Attack: +5%
    • Ground attack: +5%
    • Air attack: +5%
    • Infantry Defence: +30%
    • Ground Defence: +20%
    • Air Defence: +15%
    • Sea Defence: +10%
    • Building Defence: +30%
    • Building Output: +20%

    We vragen je niet om dagelijks geld te doneren, maar wel om zeer actief te zijn en onze regels te volgen tijdens World-domination events. Minimale attack en defence stats zijn 50.000, minimaal aantal allies is 500 en minimaal aantal units is 2000! Onze voertaal is Nederlands, dus een speciaal welkom voor Nederlanders en Vlamingen!
    Wil je deel uitmaken van een top-factie zonder al te veel regels, maar met super veel bonussen, kom dan vandaag bij ons:

    Invite-code: 654-637-401

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    If you're a gold player and want to join a top 100/50 faction pm me please

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    Top 500 Faction needs 3 active players

    The Brits a top 500 faction currently has 3 spots open

    Minimum Member Requirements
    500+ Allies
    50K Attack
    50k Defence
    1 million daily donations to faction

    Ireland - 461, The Brits

    China - 1067, The Brits

    Egypt - 712, The Brits

    Current Faction Bonuses

    - Health Regen -15%
    - Infantry Attack + 5%
    - Infantry defence +15%
    - Ground defence +15%
    - Air defence +10%
    - Sea defence +5%
    - Building defence +15%
    - Guild member increase +10

    Invite code: 153542802

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