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Thread: Faction Recruitment (advertise here)

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    Cool Faction Recruitment (advertise here)

    BALLSSOBIG Faction Wants YOU!!!

    We are an established faction we have 45 players and growing. We finished in the top 250 in the Italy event with 2,134,389 WD points. We have spots available after Itally. You must meet the following criteria to be considered:

    Hourly player
    20k WD Points
    1.5 mil A/D
    Must donate at least 5 mill per day.

    The reason for these requirements is that if your stats are lower then this you will not be able to beat most of the ppl we fight against. We are full and we will only make room for very active players. We use group me to communicate. All of our players are very active. If your interested in a fun faction and are very active please pm me.

    Our ratings:

    Egypt: 1900's
    China: 1600's
    Ireland: 1300's
    Columbia: 1400's
    Madagascar: 1200's
    Poland: 1010
    Australia: 898
    Canada: 1083
    India: 541
    Mexico: 510
    France: 155

    We will be finishing at least top 250 in the next WD

    We currently have the following bonuses

    Health regeneration +30% (MAX)
    Building defense: +15%
    Infantry defense: +35% (MAX)
    Ground defense: +30%
    Guild increase: +26 (priority)
    Sea defense: +15%
    Air defense: +20%
    Infantry Attack: +10%
    Ground Attack +5%
    Building output +10%

    0ur defense leader is over 3 mil defense

    We generate over 300 mil per day in revenue and growing.

    688 688 021

    We have 1 Spot after a recent guild increase. Send your requests. I may do a guild increase for a group of strong players. (UPDATED 11/19/13)
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    just join our faction we are in top 250s # 926-471-818 if you are lucky you might get accepted

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    Unhappy with your faction ? Go to SJAMBEK

    Are you unhappy with your faction? Do you wish to be part of big group of active members with great team work and friendly invironment? Join SJAMBEK Only few openings left. We have 30 members and growing. We are looking for Dynamic Individuals to join SJAMBEK. SJAMBEK is a group of strategic individuals striving for the number one spot. You must be willing to donate daily, fight hard and post in the forum regularly. We have 30 people donating daily. Here are our stats.

    Health Regen +9%
    Infantry Defense +15%
    Ground Defense +10%
    Air Defense +5%
    Building Defense +15%
    Guild Member Increase +10

    Invite Code is 621488750

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    currently we have 18 members but we have 12 spaces to fill up

    health regen +14%
    infantry defense +15%
    ground defense +15%
    air defense +15%
    sea defense +5%
    building defense +25%
    building output +5%
    guild member increase +10

    if you want a secure place in a solid faction send a request


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    We are looking for new recruits.

    Min A/D 25k+
    Daily Players
    with IPH min 250k

    We are an incredibly active Faction with means to communicate outside of the App Forum.

    We offer

    Health Regen - 15%
    inf Defence - 20%
    Ground Defence - 15%
    Air Defence - 10%
    Sea Defence - 5%
    Building Defence - 20%

    please IM me if you are interested.


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    I dont think so. This is our first event and we are ranked 1682. A few more good strong players and we will be in the top 250 next event so if you see your self struggling come over 688 688 021.

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    Camper faction

    Started one week ago and looking for more to just have fun and enjoy the game without pressure to buy gold for WD battles. There is me and two other members so far. No one will get booted out once accepted. Any donation welcome. Invite code 195656316. Have 8 bonuses already.
    Health regen-5%
    Infantry def-15%
    Ground def-5%
    Building def-15%

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    US Navy faction looking for members

    US faction
    growing fast
    looking for active members, daily players

    our base of players is strong and we are looking for daily players to help grow this faction and win wars

    several bonuses for all members


    1 new bonus for each new member

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    You will be shocked what it takes for top 250.

    You need massive gold spenders in order to be there.

    we managed 179 in brazil, had 3/4 gold spenders, since then we have been in around 900-1000 without gold spenders.

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    Faction: The World Police
    Code: 471-904-185
    Leader: SGT Rud

    5% Health Regen Bonus
    15% Building Defense
    10% Infantry Bonus
    5% Ground Bonus
    5% Air Defense Bonus
    +2 Guild Members

    We ranked top 4000 in Brazil, top 4000 in Greenland, and are in top 1000 for Egypt. If you have read my posts, I said we were going for top 1000 in Egypt and it is happening. We currently have a 40000 point lead above the 1000 place mark. For the next event, we are making a big push for top 500. We are all active free players. A couple of us have bought very little gold, but mainly free players. We have 10 players in the faction and can hold 22. If you are a member of a faction that wants to merge, we welcome you as well. You can either pm me here, or send us an invite. Please no campers.

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    Team Hawk

    Faction Name:TEAM HAWK
    Tag :HWK
    Leader :Robinson

    Health Regen: +14%
    Infantry Attack: +5%
    Infantry Defense: +20%
    Ground Defense: +20%
    Air Defense: +10%
    Sea Defense: +5%
    Building Defense: +25%
    Building Output: +5%
    Guild Member Increase: +12%

    Invite Code: 926-471-819

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    looking for several players...just missed top 500 in egypt

    Well....let me take a minute to describe our faction....we are a diverse group with people all over the US and World.....several members from Eastern and Western Europe, One from down under, and some from the Far East! We just need people to particpate....follow a battle plan....donate some and have fun. We don't ask for much....but you must be active.....We had sevearl players with piont totals over 50k from this battle and a couple of more would have had us in top 500.....6 or 7 more and we are top 250. We are a faction of 36 spots. and here is our bonsues thus far

    Health regen
    Health Regen 15%
    Infantry attack 5%
    infantry defense 10%
    Ground Defense 10%
    Sea Defense 5%
    Building Defense 20%
    Building Output 5%
    Guild member incresase + 16

    Invite code 435507595

    My id 716502 654

    Message me if you want to make the move to a top 250 faction we will be making cuts today after battle and looking to fill asap.
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    Special Operationg Wing (s.o.w)

    We are looking for a few more players to fill slots as of this war we are ranked 748 if you want better prizes for the next war join us but plz active players only levels 35+ only must be willing to donated atleast every day no limits...

    Invite code 946-215-906

    Health +10%
    Infantry + 20%
    Building + 20%
    Members 28

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    Taking Care of Business

    Need an active faction?

    611 865 634

    Health Regen: +10%
    Infantry Def: +10%
    Ground Def: +10%
    Air Def: +5%
    Sea Def: +5%
    Bldg Def: +5%

    We've been top 2k faction with only 8 active, daily players for each of the three campaigns. If you're ready to step it up to the next level join us. No freeloaders nor campers.

    Send request to 611 865 634

    Also, I take ally requests: 520 274 845

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    Top 250 recruiting

    UKG have spaces for more recruits.

    We finished in the Top 70 during Greenland earning Whiteout Striker A1500 D1394.
    We just missed out on top 100 in Egypt, but rewards were still amazing for Top 250! We have lots of bonuses for faction members including:
    Health Regen +18%
    Infantry Defence +25%
    Ground Defence +20%
    Air Defence +10%
    Sea Defence +5%
    Building Defence +20%
    Building Output +5%

    If would like to join, code is 957010731.

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