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Thread: Looking for Guild Thread

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    Nov 2012
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    Looking for Guild Thread

    If you are looking for a guild post here. Hopefully a guild that's right for you will find you here.


    Type of guild you are looking for: camper, active etc
    Gem usage: free player, light gem usage, heavy gem usage

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    Steady Scribe JPFAS's Avatar
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    Feb 2013
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    Level: 151
    Attack/Defense: 133K/133K
    IPH: 11k
    Type of player: very active (most of the time during the day)
    Gem usage: light

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    I have a suggestion for guild founders. If you are not well known it would be helpful on the guild description to say what the teams philosophy is going to be. The list is very long and most of the guilds do not explain even the basics, eg free players, sub 50 a/d would be helpful for those looking...


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    Oct 2012
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    Lvl 118
    A/D: 196k/151k
    IPH: 8k (w/o cottages to inflate it. Annoying little buildings)
    Very active player, dragon army 3/4 complete - gold for the guild may slow that down.
    Free player


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    Dec 2012
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    Lvl 101
    IPH 6k
    Very active mainly PvE player
    Free Player, except a one time unintended gem purchase when my little brother took my ipod.

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    I'm looking for an active guild

    Level 90
    63k A / 62k D
    9k iph
    Light gem spender
    I'm a daily player


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    Nov 2012
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    Level: 24
    Attack/Defense: 23k/16k (169 allies already)
    IPH: 6+K
    Currently camping to boost up my IPH and settlement so I can have one more crack at a boss event in the 5-25level bracket. After the boss event I am willing to adapt any role needed by a guild.

    I am a free player that logs in many times each day and would like to join a guild that has many forum members.
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    Now recruiting for Justice League (1st), Justice League 2 (3rd), Justice League 3 (*new*) and Justice League 4 (*new*)

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    Jan 2013
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    Level: 100
    Attack/Defense: 55k/55k (132 allies)
    IPH: 2561 and rising
    Type of guild you are looking for: anything
    Gem usage: light? (2 mountains a month)
    Namine -
    Rogue: 190k attack at lvl 112 w/173allies
    (update) 2.8M/3.4M at lvl 143 w/500allies

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    We are looking for top players to join our guild, The Buckwheat Connection. Our family consists of senior forum members and like minded team players many with battle tested experience in Modern War and Crime City. We have a good knowledge of game mechanics with members in our guild that have placed in top 10 rankings from MW events (from over 10,000 participants) and earning all top 50 pvp events to date in MW and CC.

    We have already over 48 million donated from 26 members with bonuses including;

    5% casualty decrease (next bonus 10 mil)
    18% building upgrade cost reduction (final bonus 24 mil)
    22% building upgrade speed (max bonus)

    We are aiming for top guild placement. As such, we are looking for committed daily players that can put in the time during the main conquest war (projected 3 day event).

    There is no minimum for stats but ideally those that can complete up to a minimum boss 30 with cash hits and/or minimum gem use. This will be a good barometer of your relative strength for your level bracket.

    Gem players have priority (1 mountain/main war which should be on a monthly basis) but can make exceptions depending on stats. We also have contingencies in place when you need a break from future wars or have personal/financial burdens that may come up.

    New recruits moving forward will be expected to make a minimal initial joining donation of 500,000. Larger donations will have priority. To show our commitment to you, I will match 50% of all recruits donations up to $1,000,000 and 100% for donations over $1,000,000. Lower level players with exceptional stats and most likely less income feel free to contact us as we have made exceptions to the initial donations.

    At present we have 6 spots available. To open the next 2 member spots will require a donation of 9 million. This will give you a perspective moving forward what amount of investment is needed to make room for new recruits.

    Please pm to discuss if TBC is a good fit for you. If my inbox is full please contact recruiting officers baddy or Lunancy79.

    Just to give you an idea of group dynamics/leadership. We don't dictate to members and strive for open communication and transparency in all game decisions. Every member has an equal voice. If there is any disagreement we can take a public vote (which has not happened). Rest assured we have players' best interests in mind. Come join the team that has the commitment to win and the commitment to you.

    Meloric/Sparhawk aka emcee
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    Dec 2011
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    Level: 88
    Attack/Defense: 129k/134k (393 allies)
    IPH: 20648
    Breeding Den level 10 (130 dragons, currently saving for Manors 5)
    Type of guild you are looking for: established players with good record in MW
    Gem usage: free
    Activity: log in several times per day; will be inactive whole of August
    Experience: Officer in ECE faction in MW (#103, #101 in wars, #30-#60 in pvps), contributed highest number of attacks in faction in most recent PVP.
    Contact: by private message

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    Feb 2013
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    Hi everybody

    I would also like to join a guild

    I'm level 120
    A/D 122k/124k (increasing since I reached BD10)
    IPH 9500
    Active player
    Non gem spender

    I would thank any extra information to understand better how guilds work

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    Jul 2012
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    ID 886 218 631
    Level 17
    Attack/Defense 18686/17111
    IPH 11604

    Type of guild: slow build players with +10.000 IPH
    Crime City - Dr Simon - 623 274 202
    Crime City - Anndersen49ers - 105 374 376
    Kingdom Age - Lord Simon - 886 218 631

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    Oct 2011
    Cincinnati, OH
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    Level: 49
    Attack/Defense: 78,xxx/91,xxx
    IPH: ~24,700
    Type of guild you are looking for: Very active, all players have good stats for level, set minimum contributions, etc.
    Gem usage: light gem usage

    *Edited for stats 3/6/13*

    Pm me if interested. Please include current number of members, bonuses, what communication methods you use, etc.
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    Doc Rumpies

    Crime City: level 125, $1,948,301 IPH, 136 allies, 27,xxx atk/52,xxx def. Proud member of HTC Red.

    Modern War: level 55, $1,655,184 IPH, 275 allies, 41,xxx atk/52,xxx def. Proud member of Air Force Special Ops.

    Kingdom Age: level 48, $24,780 IPH, 78,xxx atk/91,xxx def

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    Jul 2012
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    Level: 50 (lvl 9 BD)
    Attack/Defense: 37k attack / 31k def w/ 137 allies
    Type of guild you are looking for: active
    Gem usage: light gem usage
    Add me! Accepting All!
    KA: 180-766-096
    Level 50, 10,621g/Hr

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    Nov 2012
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    Type of guild you are looking for: active, friendly and forum addicted guild
    Gem usage: free player
    " Beer is living proof that God loves us and want us to be happy" - Benjamin Franklin -

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