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Thread: Looking for Guild Thread

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    Join the Top 150 Guild Day and Knights - Invite Code: 149397574

    That's right, join us today. We are the Day and Knights and we promise we will not disappoint!

    We are a Top 150 guild that is chock full of members that are both active and addicted! We take the game seriously but we sure know how to have fun. Most of our guild members play on the same team across multiple games (Modern War and Crime City). We have low turnover within the guild and we have finished most Boss Events/GLTQ's.

    We are looking for 3-4 players that can meet our strict requirements:

    Must be active in Wars, GLTQs, Boss Events, and Donations. Weekly donation requirement of 150k gold or more, Gems are not required. Must score 25,000+ points in each war. Your attack/defense stats should be at least 8X your player level (Ex: lev 100 = 800 attack/defense.) We organize, strategize, and socialize via chatroom in a third-party app.

    Send in your request today for consideration. Feel free to PM me or reply to this post if you are interested in joining or have questions. All spots are first come, first serve! Join today and lets get stronger together!!

    Our Current Bonuses:
    Casualty Rate -15%
    Upgrade Cost -23%
    Building Upgrade Time -23%
    Guild Member Increase +24

    Join the Top 150 Guild Day and Knights - Invite Code: 149397574
    Top 200 - Day and Knights - Invite Code: 149397574

    Current DaK Guild Bonuses:
    Casualty Rate -19%
    Health Regen Time: -19%
    Upgrade Cost -37%
    Building Upgrade Time -40%
    Infantry Defense +50%
    Magic Defense +35%
    Machine Defense +20%
    Beast Defense +15%
    Infantry Attack +15%
    Magic Attack +10%
    Machine Attack +5%
    Guild Member Increase +32

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    Available for new guild

    Level 114
    Atk: 1.377
    Def: 1.516
    IPH: 15,766
    Free/occasional gem

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    Vicious Grace is looking for some light hearted but active players to join our family. Every member has a voice, a vote and a real life! We're a group of semi-serious players that have fun and avoid the drama that seems to plague KA. We have a great time & tend to get pretty silly.

    We use GroupMe, a free app, for real time chat & for voting on how our donations are spent. We also have an iCalendar for everyone so we're able to keep organized no matter what time zone we're in!

    DONATIONS: $30,000/day
    WAR EVENTS: Achieve 7,500-10,000 CP

    Upgrade Cost -19%,
    Upgrade Time -23%
    Guild Increase +2

    All are welcome, even those of lower level/stats, we just want you to be active & have fun with us!

    VCG: 991-836-763

    *We are willing to have smaller guilds merge into Vicious Grace though not the other way around at this time.

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    Find me a new home...

    Looking for new guild, avg 25k points per war
    Level 105
    Attack 774k
    Defence 746k
    IPH 5.5k
    Light gem spender / active daily player

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    Top 50 Guild Recruiting
    Guild name: We the People (WTP)

    I have been with this guild from the beginning. I was a couple days away from quitting KA until I found WTP. Most importantly, this guild is about the people - great people who communicate and help each other out. At the same time, we all like to win and beat up on Gree. The more bugs they put out, the worse we crush their events. Anyways, read the specs below and if you are interested in joining, post a message here or pm me.

    We don't set requirements on IPH, attack, donations, etc b/c every player is different. We have certain players who excel at guild quests and others who crush the wars.

    Having said that, here is what a typical WTP player looks like:
    -12k-15k Attack to level ratio. i.e. L100 is at 1.2mil-1.5mil attack
    -donations are around 20 times IPH. i.e. IPH=30k, daily donations would be 600k/day
    -50k+ Conquest points (CP)

    Guild ID: 746000592

    Previous Finishes:
    1.) Wars:
    -3 time top 25
    -4 time top 50
    -1 time top 100 (~35 active players due to rebuilding)

    2.) Guild quests:
    -we have finished all guild quests about 1-2 days early

    3.) Guild box events:
    -all finished

    4.) Raid bosses:
    -completed 2.5 days early.

    Casualty Rate: -14%
    Health Regen: -23%
    Upgrade Cost: -23%
    Building Upgrade Time: -23%
    Guild Member Increase: +30 (total membership is at 45/50)

    Chat app (required):
    Palringo - a lot more goes on here than just game talk.

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    New player that's well read

    I'm a new player seeking a guild after reading through the forum pretty extensively. I'm still in building mode and focusing on IPH and Hero Strength with my skill points. I completed the recent quest and am trying the boss event. So far, I've made it through level 40 and think I'm going to go ahead and try and complete it (I think I can - it's only taking 3 free hits to finish the boss).

    I could be moderately active in a guild and help how I can. I'm looking to build strength, but based on what I see, I can't do it alone and without being in an active guild. Once the boss is over, I'm focusing on keeping my level where it is and build as much as I can

    I'm currently:
    Level 27
    27k att/27k def (likely higher once I get some more allies, as I know I'm not using all my high level units)
    IPH is somewhere in the neighborhood of 1000k, but that's because I can only build and upgrade so much.

    I guess that puts me more in the "camper" category than the "active" category, but like I said, if there are pieces I can help with, I will.

    Send me a PM if anyone's interested.

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    Hey, new player here: Level 38, Att 56k/Def 50k. Free player.

    I lead a Top 300 faction in Modern War, so I have a good sense of how to play these Gree games. Very active, but still mainly focusing on Iph and getting stronger.

    PM me if there's any interest - thanks!

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    Daleks Exterminate!

    Join a new guild!
    Daleks Exterminate!
    We will not stop until we have exterminated every guild & The Doctor!
    We will get every bonus!

    New Daleks can be any level, we will train and strengthen!
    New Daleks must play daily and donate what they can afford!
    New Daleks must tune in to Skaro frequency 785702536 to join.

    We will grow in ranks and EXTERMINATE!

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    Consider joining JFB
    We are looking for active and participating members with good stats. We play to have fun and to win. The use of active communication and great teamwork is the core of our guild.

    There is a low daily donation and we have many great bonuses including;
    Casualty Rate- 10%
    Upgrade Cost -23%
    Building upgrade- 23%
    Heath regeneration- 10%

    We have a great team! We made top 50 last war and I intend on taking it much higher. We have completed all of the guild quests including the boss event. Let me know what kind of cp you can obtain. We just absorbed four more members that score in the 100k and we have many from all over the world so we are able to battle around the clock.

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    The 4 Q 2 Party Guild is Recruiting

    We are looking for active members to strengthen our guild.
    Invitev Guild code 912 656 762
    we came top 500 last war

    Current guild bonuses:
    - 14 % upgrade cost
    +14% building upgrade cost reduction
    +24 Guild Member

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    Join Kingdom Slayers 727 429 497

    We have a few open spots again (had to remove non active players) we are a great team of hourly and very active players, we share allot during groupme chats, we notify each others of when a war or raid boss has started and we kick ass!

    If your looking for good team players then Kingdom slayers is for you.

    If you do good you will be promoted to officer.

    Join Today!!

    We only accept players from level 30 and above

    Kingdom Slayers - 727-429-497

    Guild: Kingdom Slayers
    Guild code: 727 429 497
    Tag: KS1
    Members: 20/26
    Upgrade cost: -14%
    Building upgrade time: -14%
    Member increase: +6
    Activity: hourly and ver active players only
    Group chat/notifications: GroupMe App
    Walls: allot, and fully upgraded
    Guild gold: enough
    Description: To Be The Best

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    Join Archer Girl's Knights. 718068734

    AGK is an active and growing guild! We have consistently placed in the top 750 and are looking for active members to help us reach the top 500.

    Our bonuses include 23% upgrade time, 19% upgrade cost, 10% casualty decrease, and +14 guild size. If you're interested in helping us reach the top 500 our guild ID is 718068734

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    Thumbs up A Top 200 Guild = Looking For 2 Additional Members

    1) Top 200 placing per last war. (closing in on top 150 & we won the 50-fight prize again!)
    2) Prior Assets won: Ghost of Buried City, Dauthus Avatar, Greater Water Devil, Buried City Spirit and others.
    3) Looking for 2 bodies, preferred stats to be above 1 mill, does “NOT” have to be a gem player!
    4) Not mandatory gem spenders.
    5) No mandatory gold donations. (voluntary, build your personal kingdom up first, but be sensible & help out everyone by giving to the guild when available)
    6) -23% Building Time Reduction, -19% Building Cost Reduction, Member Increase +4

    a. We are looking for players that are active/part-time active normally, but would place an emphasis on trying to be involved more during guild war events, etc.
    b. Communication is the key & to assist we have a website set up for members & are discussing a live chat.

    Interested parties please apply @ 176811375 (or respond here in a private message)

    Karras GL of TheGoodLife

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    Cool Hollanders, Nederland goes dutch!

    Looking for a top 400 Guild....962 485 092

    We are a fun Guild, but also serieus enough to
    compete at top 400.

    We speak dutch but also english, due to an maori who joins forces..

    So anyone out there, who looks for an awesome Guild...join us at 962 485 092

    Nederlanders, kom bij ons....

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    Seeking active members to strengthen our guild!

    Raiders of Ka is currently seeking active members to join our guild! Ranking in the top 750 last war we are moving up in the ranks every day and will continue to do so. This is a worldwide guild. There are officers placed throughout the world for around the clock coverage of events. Each officer is very knowledgable on fundamental gameplay and can answer any questions you may have!
    We also have current boosts of +4 guild members, -10% upgrade cost and -19% upgrade time.

    Requirements to join:

    *Must be active, we expect a good bit of participation in whichever events we are participating in. Daily log in is necessary with multiple times per day during bosses and war.

    *Level: We do not currently have a minimum level requirement but ask that you have a minimum of a 1k stats to each level ratio.

    *Donations: All members are required to make a daily donation. Currently minimum donation amounts are based off your income per hour. All members are expected to donate 2x their hourly income on a daily basis. Any member under 1k income per hour is not required to donate but is expected to work on getting higher income.

    *Communication: Raiders of Ka requires the download of a social app called Wechat. The app is completely free to download and makes communication between the entire guild much easier during events when planning and strategizing are necessary.

    *Gem Usage: Raiders of Ka does not require any type of gem purchases. The use of gems is fully optional as we have several current members who use but also several who do not.

    We understand that members cannot give every waking moment to the game as we all have lives so any hesitations can be discussed further.

    So, if you think you have what it takes to add your name to our ranks then by all means apply and we would be glad to have you

    Invite code: 989571139

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