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Thread: Looking for Guild Thread

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    LF Guild

    Hi I'm LFG. LF top 50/75 guild that Uses LINE chat app.

    Attack/Defense: 1.4/1.5
    IPH: 11.2k
    Type of guild you are looking for: active
    Gem usage: free player

    I can log in once an hour momentarily all day every day, but can't be super active in chat. I have 49 individual bonuses, made 30k pts this past war. I nail LTQs and I hit every hour for weekend wars except for sleeping hours and other blocks while busy or out of range. I have halted leveling and am building army.

    My guild has gone top 25 and they continue with that so I can't keep up. They also, through a snafu, consolidated on Palringo from LINE. I'm trying to avoid Kik, Palringo, Groupme because they all suck :P LINE is the best.

    PM Me. Thanks, DJ.

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    Looking for guild

    Lv 109
    Att 296k (will go up soon with more weapons)
    Def 291k (same as above)
    Alliance 307 (trying for 500)

    On and off all day, weekends are tough due to family. PM me if interested

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    Good and fun

    Decided to venture out in the world today. So me:
    Lvl 64
    A. 1.13
    D. 1.17
    Iph 22k+
    Daily player, light gems.

    I'm looking for a fun guild that knows how to be serious when required. I am selective about xp but 40k+ cp per std war is not a problem. T50 or better who does NOT use groupme (I'd rather gouge my own eyes out than use that pos). I complete all boss events assuming the xp ratio is correct. I do ltqs lightly due to high xp per gain.
    I am not looking to temporarily fill your ranks. I loved my last guild and hope to find a permanent home with rewards that match participation. Please feel free to ask any questions and I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you

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    Quote Originally Posted by JPFAS View Post
    Level: 151
    Attack/Defense: 133K/133K
    IPH: 11k
    Type of player: very active (most of the time during the day)
    Gem usage: light
    Hi there - The Black Pearl are now looking for 5 new members - stats not important as long as you play regularly and participate in all guild quests/wars.

    Top 750 last 3 wars *** Guild ID-660 115 401 *** Bonuses = 19% upgrade costs/ -23% upgrade time / -10% casualty rate/ Guild size =36

    We require a minimum of 2xIPH per day and gem usage is your choice.

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    Top 10 guild?


    Looking for only top 10 guild.

    Level: 182
    Attk/Def: 20.5k (abt) per level
    Timezone: Beijing/Hong Kong/Singapore
    Iph: 20k
    Gem: moderate
    CP: 100k
    Gold contribution: negotiable but I am trying to avoid doing raids
    Reason to move: I believe once l200 is reached I will be slaughtered in CoK. So why not try a higher guild when I could.

    If the above is of interest to you AND you are consistently top 10, kindly pm me for further discussion.

    I have been using a separate user name in this forum. Created this account for confidentially. Tq

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    Level 17 - 27k/30k looking for LLP guild with good boosts.
    Just started playing and looking for a strong LLP guild with good boosts as the one im in has poor regen times.

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    I am searching for new guild who uses communication tool and real strategy for war and boss events. (200 to top 300)
    Atk : 640
    Def 618
    lvl 117
    Gem spending: Started Light gem spending a few days ago. Formerly free player

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    Vicious Grace is looking for some light hearted but active players to join our family. We ranked #456 with only 15 players active during the last event, we now have 20! Every member has a voice, a vote and a real life! We're a group of semi-serious players that have fun and avoid the drama that seems to plague KA. We have a great time & tend to get pretty silly.

    We use GroupMe, a free app, for real time chat & for voting on how our donations are spent. We also have an iCalendar for everyone so we're able to keep organized no matter what time zone we're in. We have a relaxed war schedule of 3hour blocks so we can still have lives & sleep during guild wars but with our fighting strategies we still kick major ass but save gold & our sanity in the process!

    All we require is members to be active, especially during the guild wars. We look for CP in the 7,500-10,000 range; donations of $30,000/day or $210,000/wk but we are flexible, understanding & work with our members so it's all fair for everyone.We currently have the following Bonuses:

    Upgrade Cost -19%,
    Upgrade Time -23%
    Guild Increase +2

    We have 2 spots open currently but could easily open up a few more if you want to bring some friends with you. All are welcome, even those of lower level/stats, we just want you to be active & have fun with us!

    VCG: 991-836-763

    *We are willing to have smaller guilds merge into Vicious Grace though not the other way around at this time.

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    Join Kingdom Slayers 727 429 497

    We have 6 open spots again, we are a great team of hourly and very active players, we share allot during chats, we notify each others of when a war has started and we kick ass!

    If you do good you will be promoted to officer.

    Join Today!!

    Thnx for reading

    Kingdom Slayers - 727-429-497

    Guild: Kingdom Slayers
    Guild code: 727 429 497
    Tag: KS1
    Members: 20/26
    Upgrade cost: -14%
    Building upgrade time: -14%
    Member increase: +6
    Activity: hourly and ver active players only
    Group chat/notifications: GroupMe App
    Walls: allot, and fully upgraded
    Guild gold: enough
    Description: To Be The Best

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    ALPHA AND OMEGA is taking active and campers. I left a top 500 guild to start my own with no time or money requirments. We are brand new with no bonuses yet,but we are working towards them. We're looking for players that have alts they want to grow with stats that are at least double their level or semi-active players that want to grow stronger over time. Level is not important,donate any extra you don't need. Invite code 276-907-309

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    1000-500 Guild Perhaps?

    Invite Code:395-774-790
    IPH:2312 (i know not good)
    Am Lookin For A Active Guild! Probably Somewhere Between Top 1000-500
    I Never Use Gems Besides Free One's Which are very rare!

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    A/D:692att. 658 defence
    Top guild
    Very active all day everyday
    No gems

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    I'm interested in joining a top 200 guild that does all guild LTQs!
    Name: LYW24
    Level: 150
    A/D: 900k attk 800k def
    IPH: 20k
    ID: 488-659-635
    Location: Asia
    Active: 9am - 12am GMT +8
    Very active player who always do all events!
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    Victorious secret

    Victorious secret a top 400 guild is looking for 2 new members. We are a active guild who use group me and we require you to as well. Our guild bonuses are as follow:
    Casualty rate -14%
    Health regen -10%
    Upgrade cost -23% (max)
    Building upgrade time -23% (max)
    Guild member size +24 (44total members)
    What we need to from members is to be active, meet minimum cp during war (an achievable amount without gems mind you) and follow the current guild strategy.
    Anyone interested send me a pm with your character stats and if it looks like a good fit we will bring you on.

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    Cool 50k points per war player with high stats.

    Lvl 143
    2.4m Attack
    2.7 m Defense
    IPH 23,358

    Daily player looking for top 25 or 50 guild at the least. My guild has gone down hill and I am tired of spending my money and not even placing top 50 anymore. I need a guild who also has high bonuses. I have screenshots of past wars if necessary. Private message me if interested.


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