high end machine units as prizes?


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Thread: high end machine units as prizes?

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    high end machine units as prizes?

    I recently hit max dragons... So I was curious to know how many indestructible units I have with higher attack stats than dragons... as well as what type they are... in part to know if I should bother upgrading any of my other boost buildings (beast kennel is already at 10). I was surprised to find out I don't have a single machine unit with higher attack stats than a dragon:

    infantry - 32
    magic - 23
    beast - 30
    machine - 0

    So what gives? Gree designers give up on machine units??

    Guess this means I won't be upgrading my Engineering Academy!

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    I have only 4 with higher attack, so I have t bothered with the machine boost. Maybe gree has a surprise up their sleeve, like a high defense machine honor unit

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    U have right, one or more Events with Machines would be cool.
    Maybe a good Golem Unit?

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