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Thread: Need members for your Faction? Advertise it here!

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    Sep 2014
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    Crime City
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    Old faction in rebuilding mode - many bonuses
    AAA Brotherhood 912 802 285

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    Join the 'WRECking CREW'! Our Invitation code is: 211-138-952

    Last 5 WD events: Jakarta (24hr) 441, Indonesia 580, Peru 640, Zimbabwe 747, Argentina 524.

    Boosts as of September 22nd, 2014:
    35% Faster Health Regen
    30% More Cash from Buildings
    35% More DEF from Buildings
    Infantry: 30%/35%
    Ground: 20%/35%
    Air: 15%/35%
    Sea: 10%/35%
    Members: 43/48

    Mix of gold and free players.
    Regular donations based on your IPH or defense; we are flexible, but they're required.
    Minimum stats: 10mil/10mil.
    Minimum WD points: 10k.

    Seeking only active players! Our core group comes from the USA, but we also have an established "Night Crew", composed of European, Asian and Australian players!

    Please contact either one of our officers in MW, or our Recruiting Officer via IMO (username: Anzi The Panzzi).

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    Aug 2013
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    We are active members looking for more active members to build up the team, currently t350, aiming for t250.

    Faction code : 147827796

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    Top 1000 faction with openings. Great team players and players with stats from 500,000,000 to 10,000. Everyone deserves a chance pm me if your interested

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    Top 150 Delta Force Troops

    Delta Force Troops t150 has spots open. Looking for team oriented players for this fully boosted faction. No donations required!
    -score 40k wdp's
    -communicate on GroupMe
    -active in FLTQ's
    -meet daily Epic Boss Goals
    -good stats to lvl ratio

    PM me or apply
    Faction ID 223 871 712

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    Top 500

    We are looking for few players. We are 51/54 in factions. We have good bonuses.donations are 4xiph daily if your over 2mil iph. Gold free. If your interested plz PM me. We use Line to chat. Faction id 798700596.

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    *evolution* 888-997-634

    Evolution is a brand new faction being put together by experienced MW players we have 24 spots to fill and will have the basic bonuses maxed soon, after only 4 days of being made we have building defence and health maxed three cash bonuses and many more. Please join us to grow your base in a chilled relaxed pace, groupme and dockbot are used in war so message me or add me on groupme. I am the leader of evolution with stats of 822m ATT and 645 mill def and a IPH of 47 mill

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    We rank inside the top 700 with only about 12 very active players and around another 15 who are on and off, I have 15 spots but could make 20+ available.

    Code: 916314551

    Health Regen +35%
    Ground Attack +15%
    Air Attack +5%
    Infantry Attack +20%
    Infantry Defence +35%
    Ground Defence +35%
    Air Defence +30%
    Sea Defence +20%
    Building Defence +25%
    Building Output +20%
    Guild Member increase +22

    We require active players who use Groupme, may consider switching to Line App.

    We are a very friendly group that understand it's members want to improve their base and stats, all we ask is that you do your bit to help and have fun along the way ;-) We also have links with a top 100 faction.

    Contact me here or add me (385-201-138) and we can talk some more

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    OEP...looking for active players

    Order of the exiled power.....oep

    we are a good faction and very active. just had to cut alot of slackers so we have room for good strong players.
    groupme is a must are bounses are.

    Casualty rate:+5%
    Health regain time:+35%
    Ground attack:+15%
    Air attack:+10%
    Infantry attack:+15%
    Infantry def:+35%
    Ground def:+35%
    Air def:+30%
    Sea def:+20%
    Building def:+35%
    building output:+20%
    Guild member increase:+28

    we are 28/46 members atm looking to add good strong and active players gold is not a requierment but some do.
    all we ask is be active on all faction goals and war time.We do understand people has families.
    if you cant be around all we ask is give us a heads up.

    invite code: 477-871-435

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    Aug 2014
    All warfare is based on deception - Sun Tzu
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    Modern War
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    World Domination Rank #582
    Frontline Rank #741
    *Health Regeneration time -30%
    *Ground Attack +5%
    *Air Attack +5%
    *Infantry Attack +10%
    *Infantry Defense +35%
    *Ground Defense +25%
    *Air Defense +25%
    *Sea Defense +20%
    *Building Defense +35%
    *Building Output +20%
    *Guild Membership Increase +20

    We are a strong and fun faction with a solid support cast that completes all regular faction missions guaranteed. Come help us jump into the top 500!

    *Attack and Defense at 5M
    *Participation in Frontline and World Domination

    Thank you for your time and consideration, we look forward to seeing you!

    Anzac Militia 832-989-145

    Anzac Militia Recruitment Center:

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    Spots open

    Quote Originally Posted by sir yes sir View Post
    Top 1000 faction with openings. Great team players and players with stats from 500,000,000 to 10,000. Everyone deserves a chance pm me if your interested
    Ive 24 spots would you like to join mine evolution 888-997-634

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    Aug 2014
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    Modern War
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    WildAnimals is now recruiting 9 open spots, we placed 330 last WD but recently got rid of some slackers and are now pushing back towards top 250

    our requirements:
    20x iph donations weekly
    all folders
    15k ip per battle min

    our bonuses:
    all def bonuses MAX
    build def MAX
    build output 30%
    members +34
    health regen MAX
    casualty rate -5%
    sea 5%
    air 10%
    ground 15%
    infantry 20%

    need active members with good stats no gold required
    we use line find me on there
    name : rufuszeal

    Last edited by RufusZeal; 09-30-2014 at 05:32 PM.

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    Spots here 347-371-869

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    Sep 2014
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    Crime City
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    Come and join whykings
    Faction id 373527152
    We have spaces for active players
    health regen time +35%
    Ground attack +5%
    Air attack +5%
    Infantry attack + 10%
    Infantry defence + 35%
    Ground defence + 30%
    air defence + 25%
    Sea defence + 20%
    Building defence + 20%
    Building output + 20%
    Guild member increase + 16

    We are a friendly faction - No gold requirements - daily donation 5 x iph - participation in faction events - active players only - recently had top 500 in wd -

    Join whykings 373527152

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    Modern War
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    Pandora worldwide top 500 is recruiting


    Pandora top 600 worldwide fraction is looking for 8 activ players between 5M and 60M 533-349-385.
    We made some room in order to have new joiner. Don't miss this ooportunity of joining a friendly worldwide fraction hitting 24 hours out of 24 in US,Europe and ASIA.

    We use kakaotalk

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