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Thread: Need members for your Faction? Advertise it here!

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    Bump it up
    GOOD WILL HUNTING - Top - 25 WD & Top - 20 FL

    -Maxed faction
    -Complete all events
    -Fun adault chat (group me)
    -war bot

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    Are you in a faction that seems like a job and not fun? Or just got out of a faction and looking for a new Family?? We are currently looking for members 1.5mill in stats and up and joins our chat group me..... Other then that we are laid back have fun on chat and all members are active. We just ranked 513 for last war and looking to be no less than top 400 next go around. We have alliances with others and have been told we are the funniest team they have joined! We are a mix of gold and non gold users . We do not require a certain donation every day or every week just give what you can to help out faction thus helping everyone in our family! Come check us out and see what you think in our GWH recruitment room ask for Busty! -- now go haha
    You're invited to my new group 'GwH recruitment' on GroupMe. Click here to join:
    GOOD WILL HUNTING - Top - 25 WD & Top - 20 FL

    -Maxed faction
    -Complete all events
    -Fun adault chat (group me)
    -war bot

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    we need a few members to join us and take out 2-3 field commander and get with us the

    we need a few members to join us and take out 2-3 field commander and get with us the 33K/33K unit reward.
    Invite code - 332660579
    after we get the reward, you will be welcome to stay or move on/back

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    Group me

    Contact me on group me I'm interested in joining your team

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    FNA Recruiting

    Looking To Improve Our Faction

    FNA : 349-397-717

    Current Bonus Are:
    Health +35%
    Ground Attack +10%
    Air Attack +5%
    Infantry Attack +15%
    Infantry Defense +35%
    Ground Defense +35%
    Air Defense +25%
    Sea Defense +20%
    Building Defense +30%
    Building Output +15%
    Guild Members +16

    My Attack = 3.7 Million
    My Defense = 5.5 Million

    Hope to get some new recruits for the upcoming goals & war.

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    ❌💢💢❌COR3 TAKING APPLICANTS❌💢💢❌ 7 seats available. Top50-75 MW Veterans. Communicative, Relaxed, Serious Players Only Plz. 997-971-196

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    England's War Machine is recruiting active players to fill some vacancies. Constant gains in rank brought us to 397 in Chile. Groupme app required. 906-450-711
    Infantry defense/attack = 35/20 %
    Ground defense/attack = 35/15 %
    Air defense/attack = 20/5 %
    Sea defense/attack = 20/5 %
    Buildings defense = 20%
    Building output = 15%
    Health regen time = -30%
    Guild member increase = +28 (=48 members)

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    Top 100 Team still looking.

    Need a some heavy hitters for Finland!

    Chat app - GroupMe

    Casualty Rate: -10%
    Health Regen: -35%
    Infantry Attack: +35%
    Ground Attack: +25%
    Air Attack: +20%
    Sea Attack: +15%
    Infantry Defense: +35%
    Ground Defense: +35%
    Air Defense: +35%
    Sea Defense: +35%
    Building Defense: +35%
    Building Output: +25%
    Guild Member Increase: +38

    Please PM me, if you're interested! Let me know some details about your stats and your abilities that you can bring to the table. In your PM, please provide me with your:

    We can talk further after you send me a PM. I look forward to new teammates for Finland!

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    Need Mini's for Epic Boss

    The Fire Posse needs mini's for the epic boss event. After if your active you can stay or move on. No pressure just come in and kill 10-15 bosses a day, get your prizes and have fun.

    We currently have 4 spots it could be more in the next day or 2.

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    Join a Top 200 team with awesome bonuses!

    We are a consistent top 200 team that is looking for a few players to join us. You must be active each day. We like to have fun, chat and work together to complete all Epic Boss, Raid Boss and FLTQ's. We use Groupme to communicate. Your raw stats must be over 7.5M and get 40k points in WD events.

    Health 7/7
    Casualties 6/7
    Building output 7/7
    Building defense 7/7
    Infantry def 7/7
    Ground def 7/7
    Air def 7/7
    Sea def 7/7
    Infantry att 7/7
    Ground att 7/7
    Air att 7/7
    Sea att 6/7

    We use groupme to coordinate all events so if you're interested in joining and meet the above requirements please provide your email and we will discuss on Groupme.

    -The Illuminati /_\

    P.S. We placed 182 in Turkey.

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    Ho Brigade

    Ho Brigade.....Is all about effort. We challenge each member not to be the weak link because we know a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. If you know the meaning of a team and the value of effort Ho Brigade is for you.

    we ask our members to have fun and to do their very best. While we all want to WIN, we know that this is just a GAME and that LIFE COMES FIRST. if you are willing to give 110%, join us today.

    STATS TO JOIN #696082097
    Health Regen -26%
    Ground Att. +5%
    Air Att. +5%
    Infantry Att. +10%
    Infantry Def +25
    Ground Def +20%
    Air Def. +15%
    Sea Def. +10%
    building output +10%
    building Def +25%
    Guild Member Increase +22%
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    Looking for members top 500 team

    Hey fellas and women we looking to fill 15 spots or a merger ... We like to have fun no donations or gold required just be active give what you can and have decent stats ... Right now our family is 1mill or more in stats... Last war we were at 512 and hoping to reach 250 next war! We are not strict just donate what u can and in return helps u and faction! Ask for busty and just come see what we about and talk *****es!!  again we have a blast!!! But we also get events done! See ya soon! .

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    Eradication Force 110-596-384

    Eradication Force 110-596-384

    Health regen: -14%
    Infantry def: +25%
    Ground def: +15%
    Air Def: +10%
    Sea def: +5%
    Building def: +20%
    Building output: +5%
    Faction increase:+10

    No donation minimums, just here to have fun and help the team

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    Super low key, no requirements, some bonuses, low levels welcome

    As low key as it gets - no money requirements, no gold requirements, no participation requirements (but why are you here then???), no communication requirements.

    I set this up to buy myself bonuses and will share with anyone who wants to use it. It looks like we will just squeak into the top 4000 in Bay Harbor Beach Brawl.

    Syndicate Reacher/Rapp code 520341658

    mele def 25%
    building def 25%
    guild inc 2
    gun defense 25%
    respect inc 25%
    car def 25%
    armor def 20%
    bld output 25%
    explosive def 15%
    armor attack 15%
    mele attack 10%
    job payout 20%

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    Join Revolucion Oligarca. We have players from europe and Usa and we speak english, italian and spanish. We are looking for active players with stats over 1mil no matter wich level you are.
    We have few requirements:
    1.- Donate what you can but donate
    2.- Be active in all faction events and specially war
    3.- Download Chat app Line is a must for communicate
    This are our bonusses:
    Health regen +20%
    Infantry def. +20%
    Air Defense +10%
    Sea Defense +5%
    Building output +5%
    Building defense +15%
    Our invite code is 151.536.300

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