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Thread: Weapons limit..

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    Weapons limit..

    Stupid question that has prob been asked and answered already but is there a limit to the amount of each weapon you can have before it stops adding to your stats?? Basing this on RP weapons because I don't want to be wasting RP's if I don't need to. Thanks in advance for any input.

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    Weapons : No limit
    Cash Buildings : 2 of each
    Defence Buildings: 50 of each

    When spening on things, don't be affraid to use it on lower tier weapons if you are a lower level, Combat boots are very effective in first 1/3 of the game, NVG (the 16/16 goggles) are great for layering you armor att/def and the full combat armor is the worst top tier item. Tommy guns will help some also.

    People all have differing opinions but saving all is not really the best way unless you buy gold early on because comes in at extremely fast rates the higher you level and you still have to compete at those lower levels unless you want to do some serioius camping.
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    I think what he means is the most number of each weapon you bring before your attack and defense stop going up. The number of weapons you bring into battle are equivalent to the number of mafia you have. The most mafia you can bring into battle is 500, so the top 500 guns/melee/explosives/armor/vehicles will be brought into battle.

    I can probably sum this up better but I think it's outlined in a guide somewhere and I'm literally on my way out the door :P
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