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Thread: Things to know about Drop Rate

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    Quote Originally Posted by i need muney View Post
    Was that in Latin? I didn't understand a thing
    Dont worry Muney, you're not alone and I took Latin in school.
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    tagging this
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xedorf View Post
    I see people who got all the 10ths from the events
    with in-game cash? any proof of that?
    u can get lucky to have 10th in 10 box event (or all 20 in 20 box event) in some events but u can't have won ALL events just with the in-game cash.

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    WOW I must be clueless, I wasn't aware the were "honor points" in CC.
    Also, the ONLY way someone could have every 10th item from the crate events is by spending a boatload of gold. However, you may be on something when you say your chances of getting the tenth item diminish as time goes on in the events. It does seem like this may be the case anyway.
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    must be referring to respect points lol

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    I saw this post and thought "Wow mnju is posting again!"

    Then I saw the date ._.

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    Did u try turning around counterclockwise holding your iOS device in your left hand. Found that works best to get the tenth item.

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    I have a account at level 212 also been playing for 1 year and I haven't spent gold on stats just money buildings
    And my stats are in 120k just by playing every event so I don't see how you can 35k stats if you been playing every event aswell also last 3 events have got the 10th no gold and on my spending account got the 10th from the 9th with 60 gold and the one before last I used 285 to get 9th n 10th so to me it's luck but have Hurd people using 100s of gold n nothing

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