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Thread: To all event participants!

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    Steady Scribe
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    Feb 2012
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    2k gold received the gun.

    Went out and fought my way to 50 crates reset timer untill the 10th painting showed up.
    "Things are never as they appear,look deeply for the truth"

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    Steady Scribe
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    Nov 2011
    Boston MA
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    No gold, no gun. Got 9 paintings, happy with the loot I was able to get for free.

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    Prominent Poet Nudie's Avatar
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    Dec 2011
    Underneath the coconut tree
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    75 tappy gold, no gun, ended at 9

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    Consistent Contributor Quirt's Avatar
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    Apr 2012
    In your vault
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    I bought a Vault and purchased some "steel crates" too - so not 100% sure exactly how much I spent on trying to get the 10th painting --- but I was sure I would get it sitting on #9 with more than 2 and a half days left -- used reset timer and open a LOT on the last day (until no gold left) and I did not get it
    This was my first "event" soooo I think/hope I learned something :-D Just not sure what :-D

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