Saw my first cheater :)


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Thread: Saw my first cheater :)

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    Saw my first cheater :)


    I know there has been a lot of posts about the cheating - personally until now I hadn't come across anyone "dodgy". I still not sure what the cheat is or how it works - just saw tons of post with people complaining about it.

    Anyway, saw this guy at level 110 - had a nightclub at level 2 ready to be robbed Looked at his stats and they were very high - looked into it a bit further and from his 120,000 an hour income he had bought over items worth est 25 Billion. Surely this can't be right, so I reported him with screenshots.

    Was I right or do you think this is possible?

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    If in doubt report it, well done. They will investigate it.
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    Oh I seen mny low level cheaters or hackers, and the highest one is now already making 600k/hour, despite reporting numerous times he/she is still scott free. What's more my screenshots are like over a 2-3mth period -.-

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