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Thread: It's my birthday!

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    in your dreams
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    Being able to "gift" items would be a cool option, eh?

    Amber...Any bday plans? Going out? Party at your hood?

    Cheers! *clink* <takes a sip of wine> mmmmm....
    I love birthdays!

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    Happy Birthday Amber!!!

    God I feel old now. I turned 22 in 1991
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    Happy birthday Amber! Good luck on getting the hind, I dont know about anyone else but its getting harder to get the more rare items. Maybe Funzio have changed it about abit
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    Qu no sheng er kuai le!!!! Srecan Rodjendan!!!! (both mean happy birthday......)
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    I did think the ispiration you posted was quite beautiful

    Here's inspiration from my side

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    Maligayang Bati (happy birthday in Filipino)

    Have a great day (isang magandang araw)
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    Happy Birthday Amber. Good luck hunting!

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    Happy birthday Miss Amber! Hope it's a fantastic one full of great memories.

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    Happy B-Day Amber. U ROCK!
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    Happy birthday~
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    Happy Birthday Amber...

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    Happy bday Amber!!!!!!
    seeya wouldnt wanna be ya!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sez View Post
    Happy Birthday Amber! maybe i'll buy ya some crates ;-)
    haha you are so sweet sez well if you really want to, you'd make my day! :*

    - SEM -

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amber_ View Post
    haha you are so sweet sez well if you really want to, you'd make my day! :*
    PM sent ;-)

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    happy birthday. sorry it is late.

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