What gold building.....


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Thread: What gold building.....

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    What gold building.....

    I'm thinking about buying a single gold building....

    Not sure out of the pirate tavern, rock club of gents club...

    In edging towards the pirate tavern as I will be able to just buy 110 gold and will have no waste.

    What the best in investment. I will be only be buying one building

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    Out of those, Gents club in my opinion.
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    ^ what he said
    seeya wouldnt wanna be ya!

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    If you want the most money out of it, go for the gents club. I find the 8-hour time for the taverns difficult, but they do look cool. If you're buying the 240gold pack then you can go for one gents club and a smoke shop or something (don't really remember what those costs, but I'm sure you'll be able to buy at least one of them).

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