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Thread: Finding the right balance

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    Finding the right balance

    I've noticed that the categories for mortality rate seem to be "broad"

    Meaning that while your Rangers (high) will die more often than your Bradleys (medium)... Your Avangers (low) seem to pretty much always die faster than your Combat Boats (low).

    Also, it seems that since you are pretty much assured to lose a unit, there must be a point where these units become financially illogical investments. Like a "medium" $300,000 unit. If I lose a medium unit every 15 fights, I'd have to cash in about $20k per fight/raid just to break even.

    So for now I've found the following principles to make sense... I was hoping others could put any sensible information they've come across into this thread.

    1 Buy Fodder. I try to keep between 30-40% of my total attack force as (high)mortality fodder
    -- I buy Rangers (high)(2/2)($2k) ... I lose one in about 70% of all fights/attacks
    2 Buy low/very low units
    -- I buy Chinook helicopters (low)(7/8)($45k)
    -- I buy Frigates (very low)(5/8)($34k)
    3 Spend Valor
    -- I spend it on Combat Boats (low)(9/10)(75 valor)
    4 Buy transports - enough said
    5 Don't make your alliance very large. At least 20, but make sure they're well equipped.
    6 Have a large enough 'attack' force that you're not using your transports and engineers in your attack. Those are only for defense. Note that the system will use transports before light gunners in an attack, even though they both have 1 attack and the gunners are a fraction of the cost.

    my opinion on some units (I'd like to hear yours)
    A-10 Warthogs seem to be a risky investment. They're only $17k (7/5), but they're medium, and seem to die fairly quickly. Seeing as how my average fight return should be $3k, I'd need about 6 fights won to break even. More like 10, since I'll lose rangers along the way.

    Bradleys are a terrible investment, since they have the same attack as the A-10, same chance of dying (if not greater by my experience) and cost more than twice as much ($34k)

    Medics don't seem worth it to me (0/10)($16k)(high) because they are high. But I don't have any.

    Armored Observation Vehicles (4/6)($17k)(low) seemed like a good deal but I lost so many. Frigates seem like a much better deal, with 5 attack and only twice the amount of $, I haven't lost any.

    Jeeps and humvees seem like a horrible investment. Their attack values can be matched by Rangers and Fighter Jets, which are much cheaper. And you wouldn't use either one for defense.

    I'm willing to admit faults in any of these, since I have not kept the numbers of losses. But this might be good insight for those trying to build their first attack force.

    I'm very concerned (as I wrote above) that a higher cost offense would lead to bankruptcy because the returns would be VERY low compared to your potential loss.

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    What level are you at, you sound like you are at a much lower level based on the units you are presenting.

    One thing for lower level players have a mix of high and low value units since the game does pick your best units for battle but have some low value units in an attempt to shield the higher value ones. The very beginning of the game would be the only time I would buy units and I would buy a couple of very high value one's since they appearantly don't die and will give you a tactical superiority. Once in the higher levels the amount of bang for the buck greatly decreases as it is diluted by extremely high attack and defense totals.

    Again your observations might be more relevent at lower levels, I have a crapload of medics because I can take up to 1300 units into a battle and these add to my overall score. But you have to watch your stats carefully because at certain points you will reach critical mass and any additional units of that type stop adding to your attack or defense so I wind up mixing it up to see if I can maximize my score. I also have several hundred transports and have been bulking up with the spectre gunships though mainly out of curiosity since I'm finding the eagle fighters fairly fragile in a fight.

    You are 100% correct about a high cost offense as the returns continue to shrink as the devs mess with the game. I notice that nobody is attacking anyone anymore. I stopped attacking mainly because I loose more than I gain and this is against a lot of lower power players. Even the handful of players that have bought huge bases and armies have suddenly stopped attacking which I find curious. Granted what is the goal of this game? There is no finish line to cross and the further up in the game you progress the longer it takes to do anything while the cost increases exponentially. Some of the map challenges and I've unlocked all of them require 2-3 million in units to buy before I can attack and yet the payback is maybe several hundred thousand. So again the return is far less than the cost which appears to be the one constant in the game now.
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    yup. I think most of us who didn't start right away are at lower levels, figuring we didn't want to be crushed by jumping into the "BIG" pool of players (whatever level you hit that)

    I'm at lv.17 with 24 allies. Att ~20/ally Def ~40/ally

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    According to duder, level 35 is currently about when you become visible to high level players.

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