Armor: Mystic´s Mantle
Player name: TI Yde
Friend code: XFW - BHB - XHG
Story: The 5 dragon knights where fortunately not totally disappeared. There was a big wizard, he had a book. In this book the history of the five dragon knights where told. The wizard had enough power to recreate one of the five big dragon knights and one of the dragonforged armors.
A war between the greatest dragon of all times and the old wise wizard was about to begin. They used all funds to raise a big army. The wizard of course used his power to recreate the greatest must powerfull of the five dragon knights...The great dragon knight received the Mystic´s Mantle armor. The war began.
The two big lords fought some epic fights. The biggest armies, the world had ever seen, were fighting the most legendary fight ever. The great dragon knight was very important in the wizards plan. The big fight was coming and the great battle was going to start.
The battle was predicted to be the bloodiest fight in the history, but the most unexpected thing happened. The great dragon knight looked like he almost flew up to the big dragon and killed the beast using his dragonforged armor. The rest of the dragons flew away from fight in total panic and confusion, and they were very afraid for what would happen to them. They flew, flew and flew a bit more, a few months later they were all over the world.
The great dragon knight with his Mystic´s Mantle armor was remembered for his braveness and coolness forever after. The dragons never stopped attacking...

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