Why is the footprint for the October 2021 LTB so unnecessarily huge? The “building” itself occupies a tiny space about 1/4 the size, or less, of the actual footprint. The maximum available hood size has still not been increased and having large footprints beyond what is necessary is extremely frustrating. Players with “full” hoods are forced to decide between selling old buildings or not constructing new buildings, all while being able to see plenty of empty space that is “occupied” when it should be available.

Deca, please reassign to a new position the button puncher that has been responsible for this absolute ridiculousness for way longer than it should have been permitted. The buildings themselves are also declining in value, to the detriment of the game overall. This also needs to be addressed but if small buildings with small outputs only occupied small spaces it wouldn’t be the issue that it is at present.

Do better.

Unrelated, what is the reward for the 10 year anniversary goal? Apparently I cleared the goal recently but the pop up must have been lost among the dozen+ pop ups that appear upon loading the game. Something else that could be easily solved with another tab in the news section for “announcements.” Slackers still haven’t done squat about that.