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Thread: Syndicate Base Headquarters Level

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    Syndicate Base Headquarters Level

    How do the syndicate base and headquarters work? Aside from the Headquarters acting as a governor on building upgrades I canít find any instructions that are even close to being half decent and after so long of just pushing buttons to see what happens it seems like my base is actually losing abilities rather than gaining any.

    How are all those extra building slots unlocked and what can be built on them? Given the lack of instructions I recently had the idea that maybe upgrading the Headquarters might unlock some things, similar to how a number of things needed to be completed before I could even visit my syndicate base.

    So my Headquarters finally reached level 10 today and, shocker, nothing noticeable happened. No new building slots available. No new pr additional buildings available. Just a bit of renown which does nothing as far as I can tell.

    I did discover one thing that might have happened though. I canít upgrade anything in the Underground Lab anymore. I didnít try upgrading anything in there before my Headquarters though, so I canít be 100% sure the level 10 Headquarters upgrade is the cause. Maybe that was already broken?

    Anyway... anyone have any ideas about this syndicate base thing? Pretty annoying there not being any official explanations about how it works. Not as annoying as when they tried to go hard with the accomplice garbage, but it could get close eventually.

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    Upgrading the Clubhouse gets you bonuses. HQ upgrades don't get you anything, just renown and ability to upgrade the existing buildings in the base. Until they're maxed out.

    I got to Clubhouse Level 19 before I stopped giving a crap.

    The Syndicate Base hasn't changed since it's inception, so I'm guessing they bailed on any expansions.

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