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    Purchase popup

    Deca, I am sick and tired of accidentally “spending” gold on things when I do not intend to. Every time it happens I go straight to the settings menu to verify that the purchase confirmation popups setting is toggled to “on,” and every time I am frustrated to find that it indeed is on and simply did not work.

    This most recent time I accidentally “spent” gold on a lockbox open, which at this point in the event I would never do because for some reason the tokens only drop on the first two days, after which they are more rare than leprechaun sht. I guess somehow during the time between tapping on the lockbox event icon and the event window actually opening something must have touched the screen right in the spot where the gold open option is, but this shouldn’t be enough to trigger the gold spend, ESPECIALLY SINCE I HAVE THE SETTINGS TOGGLED TO NOT SPEND GOLD WITHOUT CONFIRMATION.

    Fix your BS, Deca.


    And increase the maximum hood size and level cap while you are at it.

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    I'm convinced they don't care. I have *****ed about this repeatedly via tickets. Always the same blah blah responses that I don't even look at them anymore. The last straw was when I double tapped on a finish upgrade and pissed away 600+ gold. I immediately sent in a ticket and asked them to revert the bldg back a level and refund my gold. The said NOPE, they don't do that anymore. *******s

    So I repeatedly send in tickets saying that ALL GOLD PURCHASES NEED A CONFIRM BUTTON.

    They don't care. If you're not in a top 100 syndicate, they don't hear us. I find it hard to believe that NOBODY in a top 100 isn't bothered by this issue, or any of the OTHER long-term issues that I also ***** about regularly.

    Uncaring. Unprofessional. Lazy.

    There, I said it, and I'm not taking it back.

    Other issues:


    GOALS, Android, NOT SORTED, like iOS. Is it reaaallllyyy that difficult to fix and sort them alphabetically?!?!?

    NEW BUILDINGS, SOME Androids (my Samsung Galaxy S tablet, Samsung Galaxy S8 phone) CANNOT BUY AND PLACE NEW BUILDINGS or DECORATIONS!!!!! CANNOT MOVE EXISTING EITHER!!!!!!!!

    Repeat, uncaring and lazy.
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