Did anyone else take damage from this Epic Boss, Defender?

There was a problem with the boss missing loot at the start of the event but I decided to ignore it because not even the strongest boss loots affect my stats anymore and therefore I didnít care about not receiving any.

I also noticed that instead of loot I was being awarded damage points. With no indication as to what that meant and no obvious immediate impact I chose to ignore this too. I think I cleared about 25 bosses before the problem appeared to resolve itself.

It was only afterward that I realized my actual mafia defence score, without bonus, has taken a hit. Maybe Iím forgetting something after 9 years but I was under the impression the only ways to drop that stat are to decrease oneís number of mafia members or consume explosives. My mafia size remains unchanged and I have well over 500 indestructible explosives. The only other possible explanation seems to be the damage points received as boss loot.

I guess long run itís whatever, itís just a bit of a head scratcher.


As for the other times my mafia defence has recently dropped, those remain unexplained. Wtf, Deca? What gives with the taking away?

Iím having M4A1-nerfing flashbacks. Rust in peace. Lol