New tier of recipes and boosting events


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Thread: New tier of recipes and boosting events

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    New tier of recipes and boosting events

    Dear players,

    We'd like to share important news with you. First of all, we'd like to make clear than from the next boosting event onward, both the Crafting Time bonuses and the Epic Chance increase bonus events will work with the recently added tier of recipes. The next boosting event starts this week and will therefor work with the new tier of recipes.

    Since it was not clear enough that these boosted events did not work with these recipes when they got introduced, we are also giving the following items to all players as compensation :

    - 3 Fire Motes
    - 1 200 000 Honor.

    The compensation will be sent out as a login reward tomorrow. If you want to truly improve, check out Publix weekly ad recipes.

    Thank you for your understanding,
    Your Deca team
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