Dear Players,

Many of you brought to our attention the increased lag and performance issues over the last events. While our team focus is working on optimizing our processes and setup to resolve these issues, we want to share details as to what has been done on the topic since January and what we are planning for the upcoming weeks and months.

As you know, lag and overall performance issues have been a big topic for Deca since we started working on MW. We made quite some progress at times but most of our efforts do not bring the most visible results. This is because most of the lag and performance issues are resulting from a lot of small issues piling up. Solving one of them does not necessarily result in a clear improvement for the players but it does help in the long run. We are sorry that we can't easily resolve performance issues with one single fast fix and therefore have to test your patience. But as we've done a few times in the past, we are confident our efforts will allow us to bring MW back to its performance standards.

For full transparency, here are some key elements our teams worked on for performance related optimizations over the past few months :

- Client and Server API call improvements
- Upgrade of our Database CPU
- Adding Database indexing
- Upgrade of MySQL version
- Increasing PIOPS
- Phased scale up of servers before weekend events.

We will not go in full details of these various elements but as you can see, we did work on quite various performance and lag related topics lately.

Of course, we will keep doing so in the upcoming weeks and months.

First of all, as you all know the current international Covid-19 pandemic is changing quite a lot of things for you, us and everyone around the globe. While the impact on our working processes is very small at Deca Games, one of the side-effect we did not foresee is related to our traffic distribution.

Our team is focusing its efforts on ensuring that the traffic is not directed to our server using any public network along the way. These public networks are currently quite crowded due to the Covid-19 situation and this can lead to bigger performance issues and bigger performance discrepancies between accounts.

As a second measure, we will also further optimize our calls to the server so that we avoid overlapping / unnecessary calls to the server which impact the overall performance.

We would like to thank you again for your loyalty and support through these particular times. Stay home, stay safe!

Your Deca team