Dear community,

We wanted to take some time to address the current pandemic happening in many parts of the world and how here at DECA we are handling it. Firstly the health and safety of our team is the most important as well of that of the community. As such DECA Games has directed all our employees to work from home.

We still want to focus on something positive during these difficult times and continue working on the projects we feel so passionately about. We also know that our games serve as a venue for people to relax and take their minds off things, so we thought now more than ever it is important to have something for you to do to take a break.

So please bear with us if we seem to be slower on response time over the next few weeks, but overall we still want to plan to continue on our roadmaps and hope there won’t be any delays.

Most importantly, stay safe and stay up to date on what the health authorities are saying on how to best protect yourselves.

Best regards,