Dear players,

After few days of analysis and discussions, we would like to share the details of the compensation for the Lockbox issue which occurred earlier this week.
This has been discussed with and approved by the Game Representatives too.


Some players who reached the 17 tokens goal before the fix did not receive their FL regen unit. If this is your case, you can contact our support team, they will verify this information and grant it back to you.


Since for all Android players, there was less time to finish the event and they will potentially miss a badge,everyone will receive one badge as a daily login reward.


Last but definitely not least, many Android players missed on the opportunity to get the first day 2% FL points unit. We first thought about giving it to Android users but since this event requires gold spending, it would have been unfair for the players who spent gold on this unit. Giving it to everyone would have been unfair too since the iOS players would, for those who already got it, get an unfair advantage.

No matter how we looked at it, part of the players would miss or benefit from something so we came to the following idea:

Next week, we'll run a specific sale including this very unit allowing the Android players who missed on the opportunity to spent gold to acquire this unit to do so. The cost will be slightly discounted as a compensation for the inconvenience.

The unit won't be stackable so all players who already got it won't have the opportunity to acquire an unfair advantage. The discount won't be too big either as it would then be unfair to the players who already got it.

We are well aware this is not perfect but it is the fairest call we could go for.

We want to thank you again for your patience and understanding on this topic.

Your Deca team