Well, they promised for years, kept on promising, kept on promising. Then, about the end of 2019, the lag went lower and around then went really low. I was having 60-90 second wait times prior, then down to 20-30 seconds then, wow down to 2-5 seconds. AMAZING!. But in mid January, it went up to 10-20 seconds and the last week or so 40 seconds and rising.

Ok, us oldtimers know the reason the lag was put in way back in was a sort of auditing as there was some major cheating. Why is it back? Perhaps same thing. So... how to deal with it.
- find out who is using the cheat and throw them out deleting their hood (trust me, I've been working on mine for almost 8 years and I do not want my hood erased so I do NOT cheat)
- live with the cheaters
- create an environment where you can track the cheaters with this lag and have it go on every 10th time (a cheat check of sorts). So, I have 2 second lags 9 out of 10 times and then a longer 40-60 second lag when you audit me (and find nothing). Throw the cheaters out then. No mulligans, no mercy.

Do SOMETHING! We know you had it low. RETURN the lag to low!!!