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Thread: HCB feedback - can't join Discord

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    HCB feedback - can't join Discord

    I want to comment on Discord about HCB, but it states that the invite gas expired...

    So I like the fact we have another different event, even if it is an event that I personally do not like. It is really great to see the repetition is being shaken up.
    Are there any plans for any brand new events?

    HCB - I am having issues logging in. It is taking much longer and several attempts.
    - It is impacting other events as actions are not being recorded. I completed speed normal, but logging back in now other ltq goals have recorded, but N10/10 was reopen. Had I not spotted that then the token would not have counted.
    - Targets on maps have become invisible again making it very hard to find the target, especially as the green arrows are also not always working.

    I would say please don't bring back HCB if it impacts the stability of the game like this, but I am aware of my personal bias as I really don't like the event. So please do bring it back if others want it, but with a stable game where all parallel events work fine.

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    I too dislike HCB. I just do my bosses, not jockeying for position, I cannot be bothered. I am already contemplating leaving the game.

    Haven't had any issues logging in on MW, just CC. Gets hung up at 80%, if it takes too long, I kill it and restart. An unnecessary inconvenience.
    I have had the issue of the disppearing goal happen a lot. Have to log out and back in again. I lost out on a 10/10 and speed reward once. Not happy. An unnecessary inconvenience.
    Targets not showing up correctly. Green arrow doesn't apoear. Must go to goals and visit again. Double the work. An unnecessary inconvenience.

    I'm with you mdf100. But we may be the minority.
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