Dear players,

As compensation for the lockout issue over the weekend and Monday, we will grant the following elements to the affected players :

- the login rewards they missed on.
- 5 orbs corresponding to what they have potentially missed during the lock out.

In addition to this, all players will receive 3 login rewards:

1st Login Reward as compensation for the latest LTQ

- 1 x Jade Lizarding Sage ( 5% Conquest Point bonus)

2nd Login Reward for RB

- 1 x Klekog Marauder (4% Conquest Point Bonus)


- 1 x Klekog Summoner (5% Alliance Defense bonus)

Please note that these units are not stackable. So if you already received them, you won't benefit from them.

Last but not least, we know many had issues finishing the Box event due to the lockout. Since it's hard to estimate a fair global compensation, this will be addressed by support individually. Gems spent for the event by players in the locked players list will be granted back upon support request.

Outside of the Box event, no need to send a ticket, we already identified the affected players to grant them their rewards.

These different compensations elements will be granted in the upcoming days.

Thank you for your understanding,

Your Deca team