Dear Players,

Halloween is just around the corner so our teams prepared a dedicated event for you to enjoy!

The event will start on the 26th of October at 14h and end of the 1st of November. It will consist in a LTQ including 25 NPCs who spawn in area below level 20. There is no Visit button, the clues to find these NPCs are in the goals description or completion windows. Time to see how well you know the game!

The 25 NPCs will drop the special item Pumpkin Spice. There will also be 3 Wrappers.
1st wrapper - get 15 Pumpkin Spices to win an item with -1% Health Regen Time
2nd wrapper - get 20 Pumpkin Spices to win an item with +10% Alliance Defense
3rd wrapper - get 25 Pumpkin Spices to win an item with +6% Conquest Points

By looting these NPCs, you will also be able to collect crafting materials, consummables and material crates. Amongst the crafting material, you'll commect Jack-O-Lantern which can be used to craft a +2% Energy Regen bonus item!

We hope you will enjoy this event!

Thank you for your loyalty,
Your Deca team