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    R.i.p cryptic

    R.i.P Cryptic (aka Garry Reynolds)
    It comes with deep and sad regret that I inform the modern war community That cryptic took the last salvo and he is no longer with us
    He passed with friends and family members around him with no regrets

    You will be sadly missed brother


    Shark man

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    There is no community anymore and even if there was, who gives a crap!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 104 View Post
    There is no community anymore and even if there was, who gives a crap!
    Wow, seriously?

    Android, wifi

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    My Condolences to the family
    Quote Originally Posted by DEWIN NUTTIN View Post
    Enjoy the ride. Just enjoy the ride.
    Quote Originally Posted by [PM] Dredd View Post
    This is working as intended, the week two tokens build on the week one amount.

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