Server issues - Epic boss unplayable, lockbox unplayable


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Thread: Server issues - Epic boss unplayable, lockbox unplayable

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    Server issues - Epic boss unplayable, lockbox unplayable

    Copy of a ticket I sent in. How many others are having issues - we have several faction members unable to get into the game.

    Issues with Epic Boss - game unplayable on one of three accounts

    Dear Deca, whatever fixes you have applied have had a detrimental impact on game play. I have three accounts which I play on the same device and on the same internet connection.
    One account is fine, one is slow but this account is so very slow and constantly errors that it is unplayable.
    On this account I have managed to kill 25 Epic Bosses in three hours of trying. This is not acceptable nor tenable.
    The game is very slow to load, sometimes failing to connect. Lockbox is impossible as they show zero boxes despite numerous kills and missions completed.
    There are multiple server connection issues, producing several different error messages.
    I open rivals and attack. Sometimes the battle fishes, other times the screen locks. Other times I am told the enemy has been defeated only to have success on pressing attack again.
    On winning or losing on only half the times a boss appears. If not I need to restart the game only to see the clock already counting down - how am I supposed to gain the rewards for X bosses in a row without escape?
    Often when hitting a boss I get a server issue. Otherwise it goes back to the base screen which makes me think I have beaten the boss, only to realise the boss remains live in my goals. This boss is then not killable and vanishes when I reload the game.

    Please end the Epic Boss event, credit everyone with all units including ultimate and the wrapper with the faction goals. Please sort out your server connections issues and allow us patient users to play the game we love.

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    I gave a Samsung Galaxy Tab S, Android, with 4 accounts.
    One account has the same issues. Slow, boss doesn't trigger, so I log out and back in, boss is there, but get a server issue when I hit.
    Thought I was losing my mind. I gave up. I gave no patience for this ****.

    I will send in a ticket, not that it will get me any satisfaction...
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    The same situation is on iPad 6th generation.

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