Dear players,

We would like to give you an update on the extra free gold issue that popped up last week. From our side, we made changes so that this issue should not appear again since it was mostly related to server overload.

Working on server overloads also helps with the upcoming FL event and that is why the event will run normally.
We are confident that our measures regarding the servers overloads will offer a smoother experience for all of you this coming weekend.

We will, nonetheless, remain attentive to the situation this weekend and be prepared to react in a timely manner to any new problem.

Today we also started removing the extra gold that players wrongly received this past weekend.

We would like to point out that we will not sanction any player for receiving extra gold except in few cases of obvious exploit and if said players did spend so much gold that we can't take back the extra one. If a player spent a bit more than what we'd need to take back but did not exploit the system in any way, the player will not be sanctionned at all.

Thank you for your understanding,
Your Deca team