Modern War Glitch 9/13


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Thread: Modern War Glitch 9/13

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    Modern War Glitch 9/13

    Dear Players,

    We have received reports that there is a glitch that is affecting the game currently. This glitch results in some players receiving extra gold on purchase of a gold bundle. It is advised that players refrain from using this extra gold, as any gold received above the amount that was purchased will be cleaned up.

    Thank you for understanding and your patience.

    Your Deca Team

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    Dear players,

    Thank you all for the feedback and patience over the weekend. We are sorry for not coming back at you earlier but we wanted to wait until we had a clear overview on the situation and what can be done before sharing more information with you.

    First of all, and as mentionned before, we will not stop the current event because many players have already invested time, energy and resources into it and it's technically a risk to shut down an event this late. On top of this not all players are impacted in the same way which makes it harder to evaluate or act upon on a global scale.

    There will be a compensation for the overall event once we have fully determined the causes. Since players are impacted very differently, we do not know yet which form it will take (global, individual, etc.).

    Our team is still investigating the different issues and we will most likely run test events in the upcoming weeks to make sure we properly fix the World Domination events.
    We will communicate the dates of these tests events (in the week or the weekend) as soon as possible.

    The Frontline event should run normally this upcoming weekend since the issues faced there over the last weeks were on server side and we made adjustments to fix it. We will double check everything again be for the event to prevent further issues.

    On a different note, we want to remind the players who got extra gold from purchases to not use it as we will take the gold back and if we can't, we will have to block their accounrs until finding a solution with them.

    Thank you again for your patience and understanding.
    Your Deca team

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