Payment issues and BLTQ event building.


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Thread: Payment issues and BLTQ event building.

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    Payment issues and BLTQ event building.

    Dear players,

    Payment issues on Android:

    Please know that we are currently working hand in hand with Google to fix the Google payment issues. We don't know yet how much time this will take but we're doing our best to get this sorted as soon as possible.

    Just as for the login issues that many faced yesterday, compensation discussions are ongoing and we will have it ready early next week as our full focus is on fixing the payment issues right now.

    We would also like to point out that events will still run normally this weekend as all the game mechanics are working as intended but we do know it will handicap Android players in case payments issues are not fixed by then and that is why compensation will be looked into.

    BLTQ issues clarifications:

    We would also like to clarify the BLTQ incident and what the various buildings versions are.

    Few days ago we deployed our upcoming BLTQ event and it contained this month's new building : the Robot Factory.

    We realized that an old building, the Robotics Facility shared the same internal name. This lead to all the Robotics Facility building to show up with the Robot Factory design.

    When trying to fix this issue, our deploy created a new BLTQ event instead of just postponing it (see a few posts above regarding postponed BLTQ event). This new corrupted BLTQ event also included the Robot Factory Building but since it was corrupted, it did not correspond to proper ingame data and it prevented many players from logging into the game if they had either the Robotics Facility or the Robot Factory built up.

    To fix this issue, we corrected the BLTQ event and got rid of the corrupted one. Since some players might have manage to purchase the corrupted BLTQ Robot Factory Building during the 5 hours timeframe it was live (if they managed to access the game), we replaced this corrupted building by an old basic building called the Combat Yard.

    Next week, we will look for all the Combat Yard buildings built during this timeframe and grant the Robot Factory to these players.

    The only building that matters for you is the Robot Factory as it's the upcoming BLTQ building (please check the names).

    We are also currently reverting the changes so that the Robotic Facility buildings go back to their original visual too.

    We hope this clarifies things for you, we must admit it was confusing for us too!

    Thank you for your understanding,

    Your Deca team.
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