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    iOS Blitz War issues

    Dear knights,

    As many of you noticed, the current Blitz Raid Boss event was unavailable until earlier today on both the iOS NA and the iOS EU servers.

    We found and fixed the issue earlier today. We will not end the current event since some players already invested time and ressources to reach the milestones.

    Since the event will be quite shorter than usual and as many of you got their plans and schedules completely modified due to these issues, we came up with the following solution.

    The shards that were available during this event will be available at the same milestones in next Monday's Blitz War.

    That way, the players who already put some efforts into getting the rewards in the current event will keep these and yet everyone will get an opportunity to get these shards.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding,

    Battle on,
    The DECA knights
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