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    Gifting event + Epic Boss news

    Dear knights,

    EDIT: new dates will be communicated soon.

    In the last couple of weeks, this community faced a couple of in game incidents which generated a lot of frustration, like the broken video ad and the Blitz war issue on the iOS servers. We know it's been complicated and we want to thank you for your loyalty, your patience and your love of KnD!

    For this reason, we are introducing a players' appreciation Gifting event! We will count the video ads that each one of you watches and grant you 50% more gems, every 50 videos watched!

    As the event lasts for 5 days, this means that you can get up to 75 free gems if you watch the maximum of 30 video ads a day and a minimum of 25 by watching at least 10 a day.

    The bonus gems will be credited in two rounds one per week following the event.

    We also want to announce that from today on, we removed all the minions from Epic Bosses.

    We will never thank you enough for all you bring to this game.

    Battle on,
    The DECA knights
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