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Thread: DECA takes full ownership of the game!

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    DECA takes full ownership of the game!

    Dear players,

    Two years ago DECA was hired by GREE to take over the live operations of your beloved game. This included events planning, new items, balancing, communication with players, etc.). Over time, we grew to really love these games and really enjoy working with you and the rest of the community. We continued to be impressed with the loyalty for the games and wished we could do more to improve the service for you, the players. We approached GREE to discuss potential options. And earlier in May, we came to an agreement with GREE to take over the full development and full ownership of the game.

    For legal purposes, we weren’t able to disclose this information earlier so we are all very excited to finally share the news now.

    - Will anything change for your accounts ?

    Don't worry, your accounts and the game in general won't be affected by this change. We still highly recommend to link your account to Google Play or Game Center as it is always safer when all Apps get transferred over to the Deca accounts- which is currently planned for the 9th of July 2019 (For a full “how to link my account”, read the post below).

    - What will change?

    DECA's philosophy is to bring a long term vision to our games. We will continue to get more and more involved with our communities and taylor the game to satisfy our players for years to come.

    Of course during the first months, our focus will still be to ensure a smooth transition.
    There is still a lot to be worked on in the background and we will put all of our efforts into preserving the integrity of your gaming experience.

    As for the future of the game, we already implemented a few of our own ideas during the last month:

    - The anniversary rewards.
    - The activity tokens.
    - The new rewards.

    All these points were early elements fully brought to you by Deca.

    We also started working on the following elements to be included in the game in the upcoming months:

    - Updated store offers
    - Alternative event versions including different event durations, new goals, revamped rewards, etc.

    Last but not least, to celebrate this news all together, login rewards will be boosted for the first two weeks of July.

    Thank you for your loyalty and long live Kingdom Age!

    Your DECA team

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    How to link an account :

    1. Launch the game.
    2. Tap the App Store icon on the game’s menu.
    3. Apple Game Center will directly require you to chose an account to use.
    4. Select the Game Center account you’d like to use. If you haven’t used yet on this device the account you want to select, tap “use another account”.
    5. Log into the selected account.

    We hope these steps will help some of you with the linking process. If you have any question on how to link your account, please contact our support team, they will gladly help you.

    Thank you for your understanding,

    Your Deca team

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