Dear Knights,

On Wednesday May 15th, a new type of offer will be introduced in the limited shop.

Lance’s Gem offer will cost 125 gems and will instantly get you 125 gems back and will sign you up for an extra 50 gems per day for the following 5 consecutive days!

Before going into the details, let's answer the question many of you probably have : why introduce such offer? We want to test a type of subscription model that grant you rewards on a several days span. To fully test the mechanic, a test in the live environment is required and that is why we decided to offer gems to those who will help us with this test.

Please note that for technical reasons, we have to request gems to be initially spent on the offer for this to work with our current infrastructure.

The offer will run for 24 hours on May 15th from 7 AM PST/ 4 PM CET.
24h after the end of the offer, you will start receiving 50 gems a day for 5 days. This means the extra 50 gems will be granted from the 17th to the 21st of May.

Hope you'll enjoy the free gems.

Battle on,
The DECA knights