Dear Players,

We teased it and we can finally share the details with you, here comes our first Discord contest for the KA community to celebrate the anniversary of Kingdom Age!

We need as many active players as possible to join this platform and what better way to attract players than to run a contest with a fair amount of gold to win!

How can you join Discord?

Just follow this invitation link to the KA Discord Community :

What will this contest be about?

We just want you to share your best memory of the game with us in a temporary room that we will create especially for that.

What can you win?

There will be five winners and each one of them will win 500 gems!

How will the winners be selected?

- 1 winner will be the post with the most "♥" reactions to it.
- 3 winners will be selected by Deca. Both me and JD Robb will chose our favorite memory shared and the reps will vote for the last one. In case of a draw, it's one of the game developers who will make the final call.
- The last winner will be randomly picked in the participations.

What are the rules?

- one participation per Discord account maximum.
- of course all participations should follow the platform rules (no provocative or NSFW content, no fingerpointing at other players, etc.)
- participations should not be longer than the maximum size of a single Discord post (2000 characters).
- Contest will end on Wednesday the 24th of April at midnight, German time.
- Game Representatives and Discord moderators can participate but we won't pick them as winners.
- in the dedicated temporary channel, we will only keep the participations posts. If you want to react to a story, just discuss it in the general channel.
- As already mentioned each winner will get 500 gems!

Hope you like this little contest idea! Ready? Go!

Your Deca team