Heads game administration people : a number of Guilds including 'Fighting Irish' have incorporated Alt Accounts into their Teams USING CHEAT APPS etc - one said on Line App he's using a fraudulent credit card - to buy 10,000s of Gems & Chests to boost their Teams to Top#3. And then Alts will ditch guilds & be deleted off devices before any actions can be taken
OR join unsuspecting rival guilds to burn them.
This is a mass cheat attack involving more than 30+ players and is being done at end of financial year as it's easier to cover their tracks.
I've been playing 5+ years without using cheat Apps etc & it infuriates me that due to a lack of observation on the game now , a number of teams have be using these Cheats for MONTHS with little chance of getting caught.
Thank you for any & all attention on this matter & hope you catch the ******s in the act now .