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Thread: World Domination rewards changes overview

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    World Domination rewards changes overview

    Dear players,

    We want to inform you that the rewards for the upcoming WD event have been slightly updated based on community feedback and our own data analysis after the last even run.

    We introduced some changes two weeks ago (see attachements).

    Here is what we are changing this time around :

    - As already announced, from now on, the exclusive rewards for the top 5 will always match to all give FL regen or all give FL points in one given WD edition.
    - A new top 15 reward has been added and it will give out 1 FL regen.
    - The top 50 reward was updated to offer 1 FL point.

    Thank you for all your feedback. We will keep on looking into rewards improvements in the near future.

    Thank you for your understanding
    Your Deca team
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