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    Raid Boss Levels redesign

    Dear knights,

    As some of you already know, we currently experience issues with the auto scout for the level 7 of the Raid Boss event.

    While our team is fixing the issue for our upcoming release, we found a workaround that will allow the auto scout of the level 7 to be back in the very next Raid Boss.

    We will move down the different levels to include the level seven in the six currently available levels. In order to do so, we will delete the former level 1 which was identified as the least used level in auto completion.

    Distribution of the new levels will be as follow :

    Old levels New levels
    Level 1 -----
    Level 2 Level 1
    Level 3 Level 2
    Level 4 Level 3
    Level 5 Level 4
    Level 6 Level 5
    Level 7 Level 6

    Note that the levels just shift due to the old level 1 being removed. This means that level 4 and level 6 which players usually care about a lot, become level 3 and level 5 respectively.

    Since Auto Scout will now work for the former level 7 (new level 6), we will put back a summoning price of 200k gold for this level.

    We won't revert this change when the issue with adding a seventh level is fixed for the game in order to avoid adding more confusion. We will, instead, create a few multiple levels that we will work on and activate in the future and that will allow to try new things with the Raid Boss event.

    This change will be operational from this week on with Raid Boss starting on March 1st. To make sure all players are aware, we will include a banner in game as well as send a personal message to players in the form of a reward popup. In order to limit the misunderstandings, we kindly ask you to make all your guild members and friends aware of the change.

    Thank you for your understanding,

    Battle on,
    The DECA knights
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