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    Valentine's Event - Epic Boss without minions!

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    Dear Knights,

    As we all enjoy international celebrations, starting on February the 13th and ending on February the 20th, we will celebrate unconditional love with our Valentine's Day event!

    Valentine Calendar.jpg

    Let's check out together the event details!

    This will be the first full Epic Boss not to require you to fight ANY minions before attacking the boss! This is an old request from the community that we are glad to finally offer and hope you'll all love it, it's Valentine's Day after all.

    What can you win?

    On top of the usual Epic Boss rewards and armors, here are the exclusive prizes you can win!

    Valentine's armors : Reaver Rivermage & Reaver Rivermage Enhanced as milestones rewards for defeating the boss respectively 50 and 100 times.

    Here are the stats of these armors

    Armor stats.jpg

    What about rare spawns?

    From Feb 14th 16:00 CET to Feb 18th 16:00 CET, Love Gem Shards will drop from the rare spawn boss.
    Jewelry for valentine’s armor can be crafted with 100 Love Gems for each piece (Power Drop = Ring | River Eyes = Amulet).
    Boss will Spawn more from a specific game stage, find him! �� (There is also a diversion rare spawn that will appear)

    We wish you a pleasant Valentine's Day event!

    Battle on,

    The DECA knights
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