Dear players,

We will run a test WD event this week to test how much allies reduction affects performance during the event.

We will reduce the number of allies anyone can bring to battle for this test which should reduce the needed calculations for every single battle taking place. The number of allies you bring to battle determines the number of items brought to battle. Less allies means less items and less calculations on server side. We will reduce the number of allies to 50 for this test to clearly identify any progress. It does not mean that if it works, we'll go with such a number if we implement it to live events.

Note that we won't be touching any of the allies bonus for this test.

The test will take place from Wednesday the 6th at 9PM PT to Thursday the 7th at 9PM PT.

For this test, all rewards will be consummables and, based on your feedback, we won't include supply drops as reward.

Thank you for your understanding,

Your Deca team