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    Swapping service

    Dear players,

    Few weeks ago we discussed with you about a swapping service we want to offer by the end of the year and we can know share with you the details to take part in this operation.

    We offer you to swap 3 Supply Drops for 1 Stamina by using the following form.

    Please fill in this form with your invite code and the number of Supply Drops you would like to exchange.

    Make sure that the number you type in can be divided by 3 and that you already have this amount of Supply Drops on your account.

    Please note that we will only consider one swapping request per account. In case several demands are sent for a single account, we will ask for a confirmation of the total amount to be swapped.

    Last but not least, we want to make clear that if you don’t have the number of Supply Drops that you want to swap or if the number cannot be divided by 3, our script won’t work and therefore your request won’t be taken into consideration.

    Please send your request until Friday the 28th of December at midnight Berlin time.

    We hope to run the script for all the requests around New Year’s Eve.


    Thank you for your understanding.

    Your Deca team
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