Dear players,

Over the last months it was brought to our attention that the Game Representatives status was not fully understood. For this reason, we decided to work on a game Representatives agreement so that we are all on the same page.

Game Representatives agreement :

1) duties :

- forward valuable feedback that is shared by any part of the community, even if they personally do not agree or benefit from this feedback. We define here as “valuable feedback”, any feedback that has been shared by at least five players within a week (directly or indirectly by their faction/syndicate/guild leader).
- be available for regular feedback at least once a week and for monthly meetings at least once every three months.
- behave in an appropriate way in any platform of communication where they are invited as game representative.
- represent players from any level or game style and not push their own agenda.
- answer to players requests that they receive in a timely manner or if the request cannot be adressed or forwarded quickly, let the player know.
- help Deca in decision making on any topic raised.

2) We want to make clear that :

- Game Representatives are human beings and are volunteers. Players should keep this in mind when dealing with the game representatives.
- Being a game representative is not a popularity contest.
- We do not ask our Game representatives to be present for set hours everyday, players should take this into consideration when reaching to them.
- We ask players to always create a support ticket before they reach out to Game representatives for a support related request.
- We ask our players to understand that the Game Representatives should only push ticked that have already been resolved in case of a clear misunderstanding.

3) Deca takes the following engagements :
- Our Game Representatives do not benefit from any unfair advantage from our side.
- The feedback forwarded is always read through and commented, no matter the final decision.
- any support ticket that is pushed to Deca by the Game Representatives will get a status update shared with the Game Rep if the player did not receive any updates from Deca for at least 7 days (this exclude automatic answers).

If players have not received a response to their ticket within 7 days (other than the automated confirmation that your ticket was received) please reforward the ticket to customer service putting the ticket number in the subject line and request a follow up. The Game Representatives (except in specific emergency cases) should only be asked to push a ticket on your behalf if you have sent one follow up and have still not received a response 7 days after your follow up
- we will consider every feedback we receive regarding the reps but will always treat the reps fairly.

Thabk you for your understanding,

Your Deca team